China News Service, Jining, February 8th, title: Shandong, a major energy province, “guarantees supply” with wisdom: science and technology creates safety, and a small number of people ensures safety.

  Reporter Sha Jianlong

  "At the location of 10312 Yunshun, the camera alarmed that 'the process of asking questions has not been carried out', which is true." "As soon as the main hide was mined, foreign objects and large pieces of coal gangue were found"... In the dispatch information center of Xinglongzhuang Coal Mine of Shandong Energy, a large AI model The empowered digital system transmits all work information on all aspects of the coal mining site hundreds of meters underground to the above-ground AI application platform, and provides voice warnings for abnormal situations.

  The Xinglongzhuang Coal Mine, which was completed and put into operation at the end of 1981, is located in Yanzhou District, Jining, Shandong Province. It is the first large-scale modern mine with an annual output of 3 million tons designed and built by China. Since the implementation of the transformation, the digital "bones" of the coal mine have become increasingly strong, playing an active role in ensuring the supply of energy during the Spring Festival and daily life.

The picture shows the dispatch information center of Xinglongzhuang Coal Mine of Shandong Energy. Photo by reporter Sha Jianlong

  "As long as the staff presses a button to start and stop, the fully mechanized mining equipment on the intelligent working face can achieve precise cutting without any deviation." Under the guidance of Zhang Quanming, the production director of Xinglongzhuang Coal Mine, the appearance of coal mine production is displayed on the AI ​​application platform One by one, they were displayed in front of reporters. Hundreds of high-definition cameras are like "safety inspectors", achieving monitoring and early warning without leaving any blind spots.

  Coal fields are like tofu trays. First, open up the tunnels and divide them into a number of parallelograms, and set up various coal mining areas. Mining, transportation, ventilation, intelligent systems, etc. are arranged in the tunnels, and the "tofu" is picked out piece by piece along the incisions. Zhou Bo, the director of Xinglongzhuang Coal Mine, used "picking tofu" as a metaphor for the process of coal mining and excavation. "It's like buying tofu at the farmer's market. If you don't want to buy a whole piece, you have to cut it into thin slices." ".

Zhou Bo, the director of Xinglongzhuang Coal Mine, introduced the situation of underground coal mining. Photo by reporter Sha Jianlong

  At present, Xinglongzhuang Coal Mine has achieved full-chain digital technology intervention in eight major links: "comprehensive dispatch, coal mining, excavation, electromechanical, transportation, ventilation, ground survey, and washing." From 2017 to 2022, despite a 31.2% reduction in staff, the coal mine's per capita work efficiency increased by 6.4%, continuously enhancing the mine's ability to reduce staff, increase safety, and improve efficiency, and transform safety production from "man-governed" to "digital-governed"

  Xinglongzhuang Coal Mine is one of the coal mines owned by Shandong Energy Group. Intelligent scenarios like this coal mine have become a common phenomenon in various coal mines. Currently, the group owns a total of 88 coal mines, including 41 in Shandong Province, 38 outside the province, and 9 overseas. It has built 9 of the first batch of national-level intelligent demonstration coal mines and 27 coal mines that meet the national intelligent demonstration standards. , there are currently 130 intelligent mining working faces, and the intelligent mining output has reached 86%. During the Spring Festival, all coal mines are open 24 hours a day to ensure continuous output and supply.

In the Xinglongzhuang Coal Mine, the digital system empowered by AI large models transmits all work information on all aspects of the coal mining site hundreds of meters underground to the above-ground AI application platform, and provides voice warnings for abnormal situations. Photo by reporter Sha Jianlong

  As a state-owned enterprise in Shandong Province, Shandong Energy Group continues to explore digital reform. In July 2023, the world's first large commercial AI model for the energy industry, the Pangu Mine large model, developed by the group and Huawei, was released in Shandong. The model covers 21 scenarios in 9 majors: coal mining, excavation, main transportation, auxiliary transportation, lifting, safety supervision, anti-scouring, washing and coking, and solves the problem of difficulty in implementing artificial intelligence in the mining field.

  Scientific and technological progress can effectively eliminate the side effects of coal production and utilization and reduce the incidence of accidents in the coal industry. Li Wei, chairman of Shandong Energy Group, believes that the launch of the AI ​​Pangu model will effectively promote the "two major leaps" in coal mine production from manual management to intelligent management, and from passive management to active management, becoming a new infrastructure construction in the coal industry. Application milestones.

  Data shows that as of the end of 2022, China has 7 key coal companies, including Shandong Energy Group, which have built an intelligent production capacity of 1.393 billion tons/year, accounting for 74.7% of their total production capacity. The average personnel labor efficiency of fully mechanized mining working faces has improved. 27.7%, and the average level of comprehensive single advance of tunneling increased by 32.8%.

  "The application of artificial intelligence in all walks of life in China will bring revolutionary changes like a steam engine." Li Wei also found that there is huge space for the intelligent transformation of China's existing coal mines. In addition, the construction of new coal mines also requires the deployment of intelligent systems, and In the future, production capacity will be replaced by new coal mines, and the intelligentization of coal mines will open up a trillion-level market for intelligent manufacturing of coal machinery. "Intelligent construction is the only way to promote the safe, green and high-quality development of the mining industry."

  As of May 2023, China has built a total of 1,043 intelligent coal mining working faces and 1,277 intelligent tunneling working faces. The total investment in intelligent construction of coal mines has exceeded 150 billion yuan, driving the development of the Internet of Things in mines and coal machinery equipment manufacturing. , intelligent control systems and other industries are developing rapidly.

  As the Spring Festival approaches, the continuous rain and snow weather has made the temperature in Shandong lower than in previous years, which has also further tested the local energy supply and the work of increasing coal reserves and ensuring supply. During the Spring Festival, major coal mines in Shandong will also operate uninterrupted, and at the same time, based on the coordination of coal operations and trade inside and outside the province, ensure that the people enjoy the holiday warmly. (over)