Laura de la Quintana Madrid


Updated Tuesday, January 23, 2024-12:50

Two days before the bell ringing, Grifols has sent to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) all the documentation required by the regulator following the publication of a report by Gotham City Research on January 9 in which it accused of falsifying accounts and using group companies to reduce their debt.

The body chaired by Rodrigo Buenaventura has begun to analyze the information sent by the Catalan firm specialized in blood products, although it has not made public the period in which it will reveal its conclusions due to the "complexity" of the data requested or because it requires new information if Doubts arise in the process, according to a statement sent today by the regulator.

"It is not possible to anticipate these conclusions or the corresponding actions in the current phase,

nor is there evidence today, with the publicly available information, that Grifols' published and audited information does not comply with the regulations

," the company maintains. CNMV.