The condom is the most commonly used contraceptive (symbolic image)

Photo: Oliver Berg/dpa

The Bielefeld condom manufacturer Ritex recorded the highest sales in its company history last year.

As the company announced, sales in 2023 rose by almost 20 percent to 14.5 million euros compared to the previous year.

The company, which claims to sell 100 million condoms and 80,000 liters of lubricant every year, celebrated its 75th birthday last year.

The company name is made up of the family name of the founder and managing director (RI-chter) and the main raw material for condoms (La-TEX).

Only last year did the condom replace the pill as the most commonly used contraceptive.

According to a study by the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA), 53 percent of those surveyed use a condom and 38 percent use the pill.

In previous surveys, the pill was ahead - sometimes narrowly, sometimes significantly.