Realtor Oleg Bendrikov notes that in such small apartments “the increase in cost per square meter is more noticeable.”

“The cost per square meter in a studio and one-room apartment is higher than in larger housing - even in the same building,” he added.

The founder of the real estate agency “Evgeniy Yashenkov and Partners” Evgeniy Yashenkov emphasized that a huge number of non-professional investors are now investing in this: “buying the most inexpensive apartments in order to remodel them and sell them at a higher price.”

As RT previously wrote, at the end of 2023, prices for apartments in Russian new buildings rose by an average of 12%, although in the previous few years they grew annually by more than 23%.

At the same time, the rise in housing prices began to slow down not only in the primary market, but also in the secondary market, as industry experts told RT.