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Updated Tuesday, January 23, 2024-09:02

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The Swedish fashion brand H&M has withdrawn an advertisement for school uniforms in Australia after receiving

numerous criticisms on social media

accusing it of sexualizing young girls and targeting pedophiles.

"We have removed that ad

. We are deeply sorry for the offense it has caused

and we are investigating how we will present campaigns in the future," a company spokesperson in Australia confirmed to Efe on Tuesday.

The removed ad, still visible in the accounts of X users who took screenshots, shows two girls of about seven years old dressed in a company uniform with their heads turned towards the camera and with the slogan: "Make those heads will turn with H&M's back-to-school fashion.

Feminist writer Melinda Tankard noted on her X account that "little girls generally don't want to turn heads" and that most of the ones she knows "want to be left alone and enjoy themselves and not attract attention."

"Why would you want to feed the idea that little girls should attract attention for their looks, their bodies and their style?" she added.

Other voices accused the advertisement of being directed at pedophiles and called for a boycott of the company until it withdrew the campaign.