Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. has decided not to resume production until at least the middle of next month, with the exception of two commercial vehicle models, which it plans to resume production of, due to the suspension of factory operations due to fraudulent acquisition of national certification.

The company is currently considering specific measures to compensate its business partners.

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. has suspended operations at its four domestic automobile factories since late last month (December) due to the issue of fraudulent acquisition of national certification. Regarding vehicle models, we are aiming to resume production of vehicles in the middle of next month (February).

Under these circumstances, the company has decided not to resume production of the remaining 22 vehicle models, including its mainstay light vehicles, whose production continues to be suspended until at least the 16th of next month.

There is no prospect of restarting production after that.

The company explained this policy at a briefing session for business partners held on the night of the 23rd, and is currently considering specific compensation for business partners.

On the other hand, some business partners are demanding concrete explanations, including not only the outlook for the resumption of production, but also the plan for the number of units produced, which is a prerequisite for preparing parts. There are concerns about the long-term impact on the regional economy, which has many business partners such as

Small and medium-sized business partners have voiced concerns about prolonged suspension of operations.

Daihatsu Motor's small and medium-sized business partners are increasingly concerned about the prolonged suspension of factory operations.

The plating processing company in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, with approximately 30 employees, is Daihatsu's third-tier subcontractor and undertakes the processing of parts.

Sales to Daihatsu amount to nearly 1 million yen per month, which is equivalent to the labor costs of several employees, so the impact is significant for a small company.

The parts processed by this company are for Daihatsu's mainstay light vehicles, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has ordered the suspension of shipments due to the fraudulent model, and there is no prospect of resuming the process.

Daihatsu has a policy of providing compensation and other support to indirect business partners such as secondary and tertiary subcontractors.

However, the company is increasingly concerned about the extent to which it will be compensated, and whether it will continue to be eligible for compensation even if the factory is suspended for an extended period of time.

Takatoshi Ito, director of Chubu Plating Industries, said, ``Until now, we have never had the processing of a specific manufacturer's parts stopped for more than a month, and we are concerned about whether the scope of compensation will be expanded to include personnel costs.'' We were talking.

Car leasing company: ``The longer production and shipments are halted, the greater the losses''

While shipments of many car models, including Daihatsu's mainstay minicars, have been suspended, companies that rent out Daihatsu vehicles to companies are concerned about the impact of a prolonged suspension of shipments.

A car leasing company in Minoh City, Osaka rents out approximately 300 cars to companies, of which approximately 70% are Daihatsu cars.

The company says that it often replaces the cars it rents with new cars before their vehicle inspections expire, but due to Daihatsu's fraud scandal, shipments of many models, including its mainstay light cars, have been suspended. Due to this, we are unable to purchase new cars.

For this reason, the company asks the company it rents the vehicle to perform a vehicle inspection before using the same vehicle, but it retains its customers by paying part of the cost of the vehicle inspection itself. Says.

Although it is not a huge burden at the moment, we are concerned that the burden will increase if the impact of the suspension of shipments is prolonged.

Muneyoshi Takada, president of Maranero Rental Lease, said, ``The longer production and shipments are suspended, the bigger the losses will be.There is little information regarding compensation, so there is a lot of anxiety.''Daihatsu explained the outlook for resuming production, etc. I want it,” he said.