China News Service, Guangzhou, January 23 (Guo Jun, Wang Xiangzhi, Yang Wenjie) One bridge connects three banks, "gathering stars" and "gathering hearts."

China's first three-limbed star-shaped pedestrian bridge, Juxing Bridge in Nansha District, Guangzhou, opened on the 22nd.

Nansha District has added a new landmark. The bridge connects both sides of the Jiaomen River and Jiaomen Island, making it convenient for citizens to travel. It is a popular project.

Nansha Juxing Bridge was completed and opened.

Photo courtesy of China Railway Guangzhou Bureau

  Juxing Bridge is located at the intersection of Jiaomen River and Wuzhouyong. The bridge has a novel, unique and beautiful shape. The three banks are arched and support each other to form a bridge. It flies across the three banks, and the curved light strips and starry sky light up under the night. Together they become shining stars on the Jiaomen River.

The bridge adopts a 120° symmetrical three-section beam and arch combination, spanning the confluence of the two rivers and connecting the three banks in the shortest distance.

At the same time, the bridge forms a romantic and comfortable water leisure space, and the rotating curves of the bridge interweave to form a "window of the future", symbolizing the three places in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area joining hands to create a better future.

  According to the person in charge of the Juxing Bridge project in Chuangxiang Bay of China Railway Guangzhou Bureau Group, Juxing Bridge is the most important landmark pedestrian landscape bridge in the project. The bridge is Y-shaped as a whole, with three arch limbs each 86 meters long and a single limb bridge wide. The height of the bridge is 10.2-21 meters, and the inner ceiling, curtain wall, and handrails are three-dimensional curved surfaces. The structural design is complex. The steel beams of the whole bridge are divided into 95 sections, and the total steel consumption reaches 4,000 tons.

The structural design is complex, and the steel beam processing and installation accuracy requirements are very high.

  During the construction process, the project technical team combined the actual construction and production practices to overcome a series of construction difficulties with "four new" technologies. They successively applied for the erection and closing construction methods of steel beams of the three-limbed star-shaped pedestrian landscape bridge, the steel structure rear anchor V-pier and The construction method and other 6 invention patents and 2 utility model patents have filled the gap in the patent field of domestic three-limbed star-shaped pedestrian landscape bridges and provided technical reference for the construction of related special-shaped landscape bridges in the industry.