China News Service, January 23 (China News Business Reporter Ge Cheng) In a few days, the annual Spring Festival travel season will begin.

  During this year’s Spring Festival, civil aviation passenger traffic also experienced substantial growth.

With the flow of visiting relatives, students, workers, and tourists at a high level, the Civil Aviation Administration of China predicts that civil aviation passenger volume will reach 80 million during the Spring Festival travel period, which is expected to reach a new high.

  The reporter learned that in order to meet the travel and return needs of passengers, Air China increased the density of flights during the Spring Festival travel period.

There are 67,691 planned flights, with an average of 1,693 flights per day, an increase of 32% compared to 2019 and an increase of 40.6% compared to 2023.

In the international and regional markets, a total of 111 routes are planned to be implemented, with an average of 187 flights per day.

  In view of this year's holiday characteristics of "Visiting relatives + traveling", Air China has increased its capacity investment in popular routes, focusing on opening additional flights on routes to visit relatives and returning home, and has arranged routes including Dazhou, Wanzhou, Yanji, Jiamusi, Qiqihar, Dandong, Tonghua, Daqing and other routes 1128 Frequency: Increase investment in routes to key tourist cities in the north and south, such as Haikou, Sanya, and Harbin. After adjustment, the average daily frequency of Haikou and Sanya routes will reach 54, and the average daily frequency of Harbin routes will reach 34.

  Air China has increased its transportation capacity for Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and some cities in Southeast Asia where passengers are more concerned. Flight volume on routes such as Beijing-Phuket and Wuhan-Macau has increased by 650% year-on-year in 2023.

  In addition, the National Climate Center monitors that the moderate-intensity El Niño event that began in May 2023 is currently at its peak, and this event is expected to continue until the spring of 2024.

  On January 23, the Air China Spring Festival Transport Press Conference was held in Beijing.

The picture shows Air China’s Spring Festival travel arrangements.

Photo by China Newspaper reporter Ge Cheng

  Liang Peng, general manager of the Air China Operations Control Center, said that in response to the frequent occurrence of special weather in winter, Air China has formulated an emergency support mechanism, made adequate preparations in terms of personnel, equipment, and materials, strengthened duty during the Spring Festival travel period, and arranged dedicated personnel to strengthen transportation command. , refine plans to deal with severe weather and other situations, strengthen risk warnings for complex weather, large-scale flight delays and other emergencies, strengthen accurate meteorological forecasts, strengthen dynamic monitoring information notifications, and timely activate emergency response mechanisms to provide passengers with safe, reliable, and Healthy, comfortable, efficient and high-quality services.

  In order to ensure safe and smooth travel for passengers, Air China coordinates and cooperates with the air and ground to coordinate flight production and organization. 15 major production units and 105 seats will ensure the safe takeoff, landing and efficient operation of flights around the clock; Air China's global ground flight assurance platform Flight status will be dynamically tracked, "flight by flight, link by link," to ensure timely grasp of the situation at each node.