Who will become the next "Erbin"

  Only considerate service, a reassuring environment, and full of sincerity can allow tourists to visit happily, experience comfortably, and consume with peace of mind.

  After Harbin became popular, netizens called on the cultural and tourism departments in their hometowns to copy the work of "Erbin" to show their wealth and make big moves.

No, a fierce battle for "drainage" in the cultural and tourism market is going on: some provinces are vying to be the "king of scrolls" on short video platforms, and the continuous push makes the "editor's" computer "smoke"; Provinces have launched the "people-sucking" mode, using local celebrity resources to "attract people and grab customers" for their hometowns; some provinces have also used new tricks to "pamper tourists" and even sent diamonds to tourists...

  The Spring Festival of 2024 is getting closer and closer, and the eight-day long holiday makes people unable to restrain their desire to travel.

In the imminent "war for people", who will become the next "Erbin"?

Who can turn online excitement into real financial benefits on the ground?

  Behind the battle for traffic is the economic account

  Artificial moon, Pegasus on the ice, truant penguins, frozen pears... As soon as 2024 begins, Harbin has quickly become popular with its fancy "activities" and fancy "guest favors".

During the three-day New Year's Day holiday, Harbin received a total of 3.0479 million tourists and achieved a total tourism revenue of 5.914 billion yuan. Both figures have reached historical peaks.

  The popular Harbin was searched on the frequency, and the popularity continued to ferment on the Internet, which made cultural and tourism departments in other places restless.

First, there was a wave of air-to-air propaganda and dream linkage, with Guangxi, Sichuan and other places bidding farewell to their "little sugar oranges" and "red pandas" and welcoming "little Siberian tigers"; then there was a wave of online campaigns to show off delicious food, beautiful scenery, and gifts. The gift mainly focuses on "playing cards that don't follow common sense"...

  Behind the lively battle for traffic, what various places are calculating is actually an economic account.

At the beginning of last year, when all provinces announced their annual development goals, they unanimously regarded revitalizing the cultural tourism industry and promoting cultural tourism consumption as important means to fight for the economy and stabilize growth.

Over the past year, the cultural and tourism market has lived up to expectations and achieved a comprehensive recovery, which has also led to accelerated recovery in other industries such as transportation, catering, and retail.

At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, each province showed its report card. Sichuan announced that in 2023, the province's A-level scenic spots will receive a total of 630 million tourists and achieve ticket revenue of 6.15 billion yuan, an increase of 14.1% and 20% respectively over 2019; Anhui said that it will receive domestic tourists throughout the year There were 848 million tourists, and domestic tourism revenue reached 851 billion yuan, both exceeding the development level in 2019... In the face of these achievements, various places are eager to focus on cultural tourism and promote consumption.

  With the help of the collective efforts of various places and the long holiday, the popularity of the Spring Festival cultural tourism market has increased overall.

Data from Fliggy Travel Network shows that so far, bookings in multiple categories including hotels, car rentals, cruises, and group tours have far exceeded the same period in 2019. Among them, hotel bookings increased 1.6 times year-on-year in 2019, and group tours increased year-on-year. Growth in 2019 was 34%.

"Exchange of residents from north to south to celebrate the New Year" has become a new trend. Driven by Harbin, ice and snow tourism in the Northeast is particularly popular. Data from Tongcheng Travel.com shows that the holiday tourism popularity in Harbin, Mohe, Baishan, Yanji and other places has increased by more than 20% year-on-year. 100%; Tujia B&B data shows that Harbin’s B&B bookings increased 38.5 times year-on-year in 2023, Shenyang increased 17 times, and Yanbian increased 15 times; Sanya, Kunming and other northern tourists’ favorite cold escape cities are also very popular. As of now, Ctrip Sanya and Kunming travel booking orders on the platform increased by more than 2 times and 6 times respectively year-on-year.

  There is no hard-and-fast password to becoming popular.

  From Zibo, where barbecue has become popular, to Guizhou, which relies on villages to go beyond the circle, to Harbin, which is currently popular, the cultural tourism market has created many unexpected hot spots in more than a year.

Now, people all over the country are sparing no effort to "roll up", undoubtedly hoping to become the next lucky person selected to "splash the sky with wealth and honor".

  There is no hard-and-fast password to become popular, but there are experiences worth summarizing.

What did Harbin do right this time?

The first is to make your own advantages more prominent.

Ice and snow resources are the traditional advantages of Northeast China. In recent years, driven by the Beijing Winter Olympics and the "300 million people going to ice and snow" policy, ice and snow tourism in Northeast China has ushered in new development opportunities.

A special survey on ice and snow tourism by the China Tourism Academy shows that 66.2% of tourists surveyed hope to experience ice and snow leisure tourism activities in the 2023-2024 ice and snow season.

Among them, 42% of tourists hope to go on long-distance ice and snow tourism.

Among all destinations, Harbin is already very strong.

"Harbin has very good cultural and tourism resources. Good resources lay a solid foundation for good evaluation. Moreover, this time Harbin did not 'lay' on the resource endowment and stood still, but innovated on the basis of existing resources. The destination brings more new ways to play and good ways to play." Li Xinjian, a professor at the School of Tourism Science of Beijing International Studies University, said that only if the destination is "well-organized" and "super interesting" can it be possible for a destination to become rich in the hearts of the audience through social media. Only by becoming three-dimensional and active can it be possible to continuously provide "information cannonballs" for the voluntary relay dissemination of social media.

  "Harbin provides convenient infrastructure and complete public services for foreign tourists and local citizens." Dai Bin, president of the China Tourism Academy, said that in the era of individual travel and independent travel, transportation infrastructure such as airports, high-speed rails, docks, and subways are Facilities, as well as public cultural services such as museums, art galleries, libraries, and science and technology museums, are the underlying logic of urban tourism competitiveness.

"Harbin has also released more goodwill and warmth to tourists coming from afar. The best tourism is the connection between people, and people are always the most beautiful scenery. Only when the city has warmth and the citizens have goodwill can tourists feel no sense of violation. It blends in." Dai Bin said.

  "Nowadays, people everywhere are increasingly aware that if they want tourists to pay, they must show sincerity to them. Only considerate service, a safe environment, and full of sincerity can allow tourists to visit happily, experience comfortably, and consume with peace of mind. These requirements Strong execution power serves as a guarantee, so that we can truly work together to manage the business without losing track, and work together to provide hospitality to all people." Li Xinjian said.

  Becoming an Internet celebrity requires hard power to support you.

  From Zibo to Harbin, the popularity of these cities is inseparable from the boost of the power of the Internet.

“To become famous in online space through social media and drive a sharp increase in offline traffic is a path that is being tried everywhere. Because people now increasingly understand the image of a place through the Internet and choose destinations based on online texts and images. ." Li Xinjian said that, however, Internet celebrity destinations sometimes only appear as "online wealth". How to transform "online wealth" into "local benefits" is a problem that needs to be solved continuously.

  Becoming an Internet celebrity requires opportunity and luck, and it also requires hard power as support.

"For a long time, we have been accustomed to using traditional natural resources and historical and cultural resources to build tourist cities, hoping to use the Internet and new social platforms to attract traffic, but in fact, in the face of absolute strength, any technique is not enough to solve the problem of 'Internet celebrities' becoming long-term. "Red' problem." Dai Bin said.

As some netizens complained, instead of thinking about flashy marketing methods, it is better to first solve the problems that create congestion for tourists such as difficulty in entering the scenic area and parking, commercial streets getting longer and longer, and shuttle buses changing more and more chaotically.

  "Hot spots on the Internet change very quickly. It is not common for Internet celebrity destinations to continue to dominate the list. There will always be new destinations to take over the baton. On the other hand, all development must focus on efficiency. How to sustain the current situation? The development model and handling the relationship between costs and benefits are unavoidable problems. For example, how to persevere in changing the method of "pampering tourists" so that "pampering tourists" at the market level can have real gains at the operational level? These issues need to be carefully considered." Li Xinjian said that from a long-term development perspective, it is a good thing to become the focus of public attention and the object of praise, but becoming an Internet celebrity should not be the only goal pursued by a tourist destination or become a generalized goal. The goal.

Destinations must adopt a nurturing development model and a sustainable development path. Only by adhering to long-termism, optimizing the environment, and stabilizing expectations can we ensure that waves of tourists arrive and investors come in, making the destination The land continues to release its attractiveness, bring consumption power, and form development power.

  Zhang Xue