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Updated Thursday, January 18, 2024-17:05

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The general secretary of UPA Málaga,

Francisco Moscoso

, accompanied by more than a dozen farmers, distributed lemons this Thursday in the Plaza de la Marina in the capital of the Costa del Sol to criticize the "ruin prices" charged by producers while in large stores consumers pay up to ten times more for them.

UPA points out that the citrus sector in Malaga is suffering from

"unprecedented" prices

, and that is why producers have preferred to distribute 3,000 kilos of lemons among citizens "rather than giving them to speculators."

"We are receiving 0.20 cents per kilo, while production costs

rise to 0.35 cents

. We are clearly in a situation of loss of profitability. Something that does not translate, however, on the shelves, since that in large stores the price ranges between 1.49 euros per kilo and 3.46 euros. It is something unsustainable," criticizes Francisco Moscoso.

The general secretary of UPA Málaga explains that, in this campaign, the production of lemons has improved considerably compared to last,

increasing by 34.3%

, although, on the contrary, the prices at origin are "a total ruin, because we have gone from paying 48 cents per kilo on average last year to 20 cents this year.

More than a dozen farmers distributed 3,000 kilos of lemons this Thursday.Daniel PérezEFE

Furthermore, he adds that the problem is found when that same kilo of lemons

is almost 800% more expensive

on the shelves .

"It is a real nonsense. We cannot allow situations like the current one to continue happening any longer, that farmers and consumers are the ones who pay the consequences and continue with a serious loss of profitability because those who impose reality are the speculators, who continue to roam freely, doing and undoing as they please without anyone stopping them," laments Moscoso.

The head of UPA also emphasizes that lemon and orange producers in Malaga face year after year costs that do not stop growing since they are subject to

community legal requirements

that imply the use of high quality products, beneficial with the environment, significant labor costs and high taxation.

Spain imports millions

"It's all costs and on top of that the inputs have increased considerably. On the other hand, the price at source is increasingly ruinous," explains Francisco Moscoso.

"Added to this situation is the incongruity that Spain imports lemons from

non-EU countries

with an advantage that distributors take advantage of to put even more downward pressure on Malaga producers," he adds.

For all of the above, he has

demanded greater involvement from the administrations

to solve "once and for all the price crisis of ruin at the origin of the citrus sector and many other Malaga crops."

"Both the Ministry and the Ministry have to control the entry of productions from third countries to avoid such unfair competition. They also have to intervene ex officio and verify the continued

non-compliance with the Chain Law,

which states that contracts must cover, when less, production costs and encourage the consumption of national products through promotional campaigns that promote healthy eating habits that are included in our Mediterranean diet," concludes Moscoso.