, January 1 (Zhongxin Financial Reporter Xie Yiguan) "Erbin" exploded out of the circle and became the "top stream" of the new Internet celebrity city, which also attracted the envy of many cities.

In order to promote the development of local tourism, the cultural and tourism departments in various places have recently "lived", this box, Henan cultural tourism daily update 35 videos, that box, Jilin Hebei cultural tourism "overnight" renamed, and many cultural tourism have "shaken people", competing to "go to Dafen". In addition to fancy publicity, recently, many scenic spots have also launched preferential policies such as half-price and free tickets, and the northern and southern cities have "returned the favor" to each other, adding fuel to the fire for winter cultural tourism and ice and snow economy.

"The off-season is not light", and many places will send a "gift package" of cultural tourism

"You" have the Ice and Snow World, Sophia Cathedral, frozen pear plating...... "We" implement "free admission" for scenic spots.

Recently, many scenic spots have launched limited-time free admission activities, covering well-known scenic spots such as Huangshan Scenic Area, Huashan Scenic Area, and Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area.

Photo courtesy of Huayin Rong Media Center.

Sichuan Province, which has popular attractions such as Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong and Daocheng Yading, implements "packaged free". Before the end of March 2024, Aba Prefecture, Ganzi Prefecture, Liangshan Prefecture and Panzhihua City's "three states and one city" state-owned 3A-level and above tourist attractions will implement "buy one get one free", and tickets for state-owned tourist attractions below 4A-level will be free of charge.

Recently, a study tour group composed of 11 cute babies from Guangxi bravely entered Harbin, which was affectionately called "Little Sugar Orange" by netizens. The hospitality of "Erbin" has also opened a "two-way travel" journey between Guangxi and Northeast China.

According to official information, as of February 2, tourists from the three northeastern provinces can enjoy free admission or free first ticket discounts to all A-level tourist attractions in Baise City, Guangxi. Nanning, Chongzuo, Hezhou and other scenic spots also implement free admission or free first ticket for tourists from the three northeastern provinces.

Recently, Henan netizens shouted online that Henan's cultural and tourism department should make rapid efforts. The reporter noted that the Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau of Jiaozuo City, Henan Province has recently linked with Luoyang City, Jiyuan City, Jincheng City, Jinzhong City and Changzhi City in Shanxi Province to launch a preferential policy for mutual exemption of tickets for tourist attractions.

In addition to free admission, Zhejiang, Anhui and other places have also launched "half-price" scenic spots.

Specifically, Hangzhou and Ningbo in Zhejiang Province have launched tourism season discounts, and nearly 20 scenic spots such as Ningbo Meishan Bay Ice and Snow World, Jiufeng Mountain, Simingshan National Forest Park, and Qiantong Ancient Town have 5% discounts for Hangzhou citizens;

Distribution of consumption vouchers to "ignite" the ice and snow economy

Winter in the north is a world of ice and snow. In the winter cultural tourism "gift package" presented by many places before, ice and snow have frequently become the "protagonist".

Due to its abundant ice and snow resources, Jilin Province is known as the "hometown of ice and snow". In order to welcome the ice and snow tourism season, Jilin Province has recently issued a total of 3000 million yuan of ice and snow consumption coupons to tourists inside and outside the province, and set up a total of 1000 million yuan of ice and snow transportation subsidies to attract foreign tourists by opening ice and snow through trains and giving tourism charter flight rewards and subsidies.

Data map. Photo by China News Service reporter Zhang Bin

On the past New Year's Day, Beijing's Shichahai Ice Rink and Summer Palace have become popular check-in places. In the 2023-2024 Beijing Ice and Snow Sports Consumption Season, Beijing has also issued no less than 3,<> ice and snow consumption vouchers to the public.

Recently, the Hebei branch of the 1700th National Mass Ice and Snow Season and the <>th Hebei Province "Healthy Hebei Happy Ice and Snow" series of activities were launched. During this year's mass ice and snow season, <> million yuan of ice and snow consumption coupons will also be issued to cultivate the public's ice and snow consumption habits.

In addition to sprinkling consumption vouchers, in the face of the ice and snow industry, which is the growth point that drives the winter economy, all localities have also done their best, such as ice and snow carnivals, ice and snow tourism routes, ice and snow sports events, and personalized ice and snow travel photography...... A series of related activities have been launched one after another, and they are full of sincerity in terms of discounts.

For example, the Yanqing Olympic Park, which has hosted the Winter Olympics, has made full use of resources to launch a "free entry" discount, and tourists can visit the Winter Olympic Exhibition Center, the Winter Olympic Village, and the National Bobsleigh Center for free.

Competing to "attract tourists", cultural tourism releases new impetus for consumption

If the theme of the cultural tourism market in 2023 is "recovery", in the eyes of the industry, the cultural tourism market in 2024 will move towards "prosperity".

Dai Bin, president of the China Tourism Academy, predicts that in 2024, the number of domestic tourists and domestic tourism revenue will exceed 60 billion and 6 trillion yuan respectively, and the number of inbound and outbound tourists and international tourism revenue will exceed 2 million and 64 billion US dollars respectively.

Focusing on ice and snow tourism, the "China Ice and Snow Tourism Development Report (2024)" released by the China Tourism Academy shows that at present, confidence in the comprehensive recovery of ice and snow tourism has been restored, and it is expected that the number of ice and snow leisure tourists in China will exceed 2023 million in the 2024-4 ice and snow season, and the income of ice and snow leisure tourism will reach 5500 billion yuan.

Data map. Photo by China News Service reporter Zhao Wenyu

In the thriving cultural tourism market, how to attract tourists to the "doorstep" and stimulate local consumption is a test of the strength and wisdom of various places.

Taking the ice and snow consumption vouchers launched in many places as an example, Cheng Chaogong, chief researcher of Tongcheng Research Institute, believes that "from the perspective of platform data, cultural and tourism consumption vouchers, especially comprehensive consumption vouchers covering local scenic spots, catering, accommodation and shopping, have a significant effect on drainage and stimulating consumption, and the consumption driving effect of consumption vouchers can reach more than 5 times." ”

For the recent cultural tourism "gift package" sent by many places, Jiang Han, a senior researcher at Pangu Think Tank, also told the China News Financial Reporter that this can attract more tourists to travel, increase tourism consumption, and promote the development of the tourism industry. The development of the tourism industry can also lead to the prosperity of hotels, catering, transportation and other related industries, and increase the employment rate of local residents.

Recently, the explosion of "Erbin" has played a very good demonstration effect. In Jiang Han's view, if all localities want to effectively drive cultural and tourism consumption, in addition to introducing preferential policies, they can also combine local characteristic culture, history, scenery and other resources to create a unique cultural tourism brand. At the same time, new communication channels such as social media and short videos will be used to increase publicity and improve the city's popularity. However, in the actual process, it is necessary to improve the quality of tourism services, and according to market demand, to provide more tourism products that meet the needs of tourists. (ENDS)