As the government strengthens its support to strengthen Japan's semiconductor supply chain, Prime Minister Kishida announced at a meeting of representatives from the public and private sectors on March 21 that South Korea's Samsung Electronics will establish a new advanced semiconductor research and development base in Japan.

Prime Minister Kishida, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Saito, and Keidanren Chairman Tokura attended the "Public-Private Partnership Forum for Expanding Domestic Investment" held at the Prime Minister's Office on June 21.

Prime Minister Kishida stated, "Companies and investors around the world are also interested in investing in Japan, and today we received a report from Samsung Electronics that it has announced an investment in new advanced semiconductor-related development," and announced that Samsung Electronics of Korea will establish a new research and development base for advanced semiconductors in Japan.

According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the new R&D base will be established in the Minato Mirai district of Yokohama City to conduct research and development of technologies called "packages" necessary for improving the performance of semiconductors.

The scale of the project is expected to reach 400 billion yen, and the Japan government plans to subsidize up to 200 billion yen, which is half of the investment amount.

With regard to advanced semiconductors, from the perspective of strengthening domestic supply chains = supply networks as important commodities for economic security, the Japan government is strengthening support for the development of production bases and R&D bases, including those of overseas manufacturers.