On the Lebanese border, the clashes between Hezbollah and Israel reach a new level

Violence on the Lebanese-Israeli border, where Hezbollah and the Israeli army have been fighting each other since 8 October, reached a new level on Sunday 10 December. The exchange of fire on a 17-kilometer front left at least two civilians wounded in Lebanon and two soldiers in Israel. This brings to 48 the number of Israeli soldiers wounded in <> hours.

Black smoke rises from an Israeli airstrike on the outskirts of Yaroun, a village bordering Israel in southern Lebanon, December 10, 2023. AP - Hassan Ammar

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With our correspondent in Beirut, Paul Khalifeh

For the first time since the fighting began on 8 October, Israeli warplanes destroyed a residential area in the Lebanese town of Aitaroun, less than two kilometres from the border. The Israeli air force flew over Lebanese territory from north to south and from the coast to the eastern plain of the Bekaa. For the third day in a row, Israeli artillery targeted the Lebanese army by targeting a watchtower in the eastern sector of the border. An observation tower of UNIFIL peacekeepers was also hit.

Hizbullah in turn deployed unusual firepower by pounding four Israeli positions with heavy missiles equipped with a 300 kg explosive charge. Kamikaze drones were launched at an Israeli barracks more than two kilometers from the border. The warring sides exchanged dozens of rockets, missiles and shells over a 100-kilometer front.

Hezbollah lawmaker Hassan Fadlallah said the Israeli airstrikes were a "further escalation" of the conflict, which would result in a "qualitative response in terms of the types of weapons used and the targets chosen."

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