, Guangzhou, December 12 (Xu Qingqing, Guan Yue) According to the data released by Guangzhou Customs on December 10, in the first 12 months of this year, the customs supervised a total of 10 million cross-border e-commerce retail import and export lists, a year-on-year increase of about 11%. Among them, there are 7.6 million cross-border e-commerce retail import lists and 44 million cross-border e-commerce retail export lists.

The customs officers of Nansha Customs under Guangzhou Customs inspect and supervise the cross-border e-commerce warehouse in the Nansha Comprehensive Bonded Zone. Photo courtesy of Guangzhou Customs

During this year's "Double 11" promotion (from 10 p.m. on October 31 to November 8), a number of cross-border e-commerce import and export sites in the Guangzhou Customs area ushered in a regulatory peak, with a total of about 11.11 million cross-border e-commerce retail import and export lists, a year-on-year increase of 3884.7%.

According to Guangzhou Customs, as a new form of foreign trade with the fastest development speed, the greatest potential and the strongest driving effect, the domestic cross-border e-commerce industry has shown great market vitality and growth resilience in recent years, and has become a new bright color in the field of foreign trade. The customs conscientiously implement the deployment requirements of the superiors, innovate supervision and optimize services, and actively cultivate new forms of foreign trade and new advantages.

Among them, in order to ensure the smooth customs clearance of cross-border goods during the "Double 11" period, Nansha Customs carried out a thorough survey of key cross-border e-commerce enterprises in the area one month in advance, learned in detail about the types of goods, the number of goods in stock, customs clearance needs and other information of the enterprises, and relied on the "smart customs" to promote 1-hour customs clearance at the port, so that consumers can enjoy a more efficient and smooth "Double 24" shopping experience.

The customs officers of Huadu Customs, which belongs to Guangzhou Customs, quickly inspected and released export cross-border e-commerce vehicles. Photo courtesy of Guangzhou Customs

In addition, "in order to help consumers 'buy with confidence and return without worry', Nansha Customs has comprehensively promoted the 'cross-border e-commerce retail import return center warehouse model', allowing consumers to return parcels into the area, and complete all processes such as sorting, return declaration, and re-shelving in the zone in a 'one-stop' manner." Xie Mingxian, chief of the cross-border e-commerce supervision section of Nansha Customs, said. According to the feedback of relevant cross-border e-commerce enterprises, after the promotion of the "return center warehouse" model, the import return process can be shortened to 5 to 10 days, and the related costs can be saved for enterprises by more than 60,<> yuan throughout the year.

At the same time, with the convenience of cross-border e-commerce, more and more "Made in China" are going to the global market. It is understood that the period from November to December every year is the big promotion season and the overseas festival season, and consumers' demand for holiday decorations, party gifts, party supplies, winter warmth, outdoor vacations and other products has skyrocketed. "On the eve of Christmas this year, our total stock exceeded 11.12 million pieces, with a total value of about 150 million yuan, which is twice as much as usual, and the most exported products are mainly Christmas gifts and winter warm supplies." Wang Zhian, general manager of Guangzhou Huajun Trading Co., Ltd., introduced.

"We communicate with e-commerce enterprises, logistics parks, and transportation companies in the jurisdiction in advance, do a good job in consulting and coordinating the customs clearance links, assess the regulatory business volume in advance, and formulate regulatory plans, arrange special personnel and special posts to respond online around the clock to solve the customs clearance demands of enterprises, and superimpose facilitation measures such as appointment overtime, 24-hour customs clearance services and non-intrusive inspections to ensure smooth customs clearance of e-commerce goods." Yang Yihua, chief of the Xinhua Supervision Section of Huadu Customs, which belongs to Guangzhou Customs, said.

"Cross-border e-commerce logistics chain is long, the frequency of a single order is more, the volume of goods is small, but the logistics timeliness requirements are higher, thanks to the fast and efficient customs clearance service of the customs, we are very confident that this year's Christmas products will be sold, and it is expected that our total export order volume will reach more than 12.120 million orders in December." Wang Zhian said.

Lin Jianbin, Chief of the Cross-border E-commerce Business Section of the Guangzhou Customs Postal Supervision Department, said that the customs will continue to improve the business process, continuously release policy dividends, establish a comprehensive service system such as customs clearance guarantee and policy support, and support traditional foreign trade enterprises to "electrocut" in the transformation of the Pearl River Delta, promote the optimization and development of cross-border e-commerce logistics chain, supply chain and industrial chain, and continue to promote the healthy, standardized and orderly development of new business formats. (ENDS)