The fast-food chain McDonald's has opened its first pilot CosMc's location in Bolingbrook (Illinois), which it presents as its own franchise of small-format establishments focused mainly on "refreshing" drinks with somewhat varied flavor combinations.

The opening, as reported by the BBC, has led to long queues of customers. CosMc's locations, set in space, will focus on "beverage exploration" and combine "bold and unexpected" flavors with vibrant colors.

Among the drinks sold at CosMc's are a green tea lemonade and a blueberry lemonade, and even a Mexican churro iced coffee, reports EFE. It also has some products that can already be found at McDonald's and that are very loved by its customers, such as Egg McMuffins, M&M McFlurries or McPops.

The first Bolingbrook location is already serving as a "test", as are ten other pilot CosMc's that the company intends to open in the Dallas and San Antonio (Texas) areas by the end of 2024. If they work, they will set out to expand this new format.

According to the company, this new space was born out of nostalgia, and, in fact, is named after the chain's old mascot, an alien that starred in the company's ads in the late '80s and early '90s.

Just like in a regular McDonald's, customers can resort to self-service and order food from their car, through the windows of the premises. And the CosMcs logo, although it incorporates a small and very recognizable M, is different from the usual logo of the world's first fast food chain.