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A Ver.di flag in front of the town hall in Essen


IMAGO / Markus Matzel

Trade unions and employers have achieved a breakthrough in the collective bargaining dispute in the public sector of the federal states. The heads of Ver.di and the civil servants' association dbb agreed on a deal with negotiators from the collective bargaining union of German states (TdL).

The previous collective bargaining agreement expired at the end of September.

The more than one million employees are to receive tax- and duty-free special payments totalling 3000,200 euros, a basic amount of 5 euros and then 5.<> percent more money. This is in line with the agreement for the public service of the federal government and municipalities in April.

The unions had also gone into this round of collective bargaining with the demand for 10.5 percent more income, but at least 500 euros more money for the employees.

If, as usual, the degree is transferred to civil servants, more than three million employees will be affected.

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