"The economy today shows high adaptability and stability. This suggests that the prospects for the development of the market are still more positive than negative," Avtukhov said during his speech at the XXI Russian Bond Congress.

As part of the discussion of the possible development of the situation in the Russian economy and capital markets, the Deputy Chairman of Sovcombank presented a "super positive" forecast for 2024. The scenario assumes, in particular, a slowdown in inflation to 5%, a reduction in the key rate of the Central Bank to the level of 6-7% per annum, and a tangible strengthening of the ruble exchange rate.

In addition, according to the top manager, the country can expect an influx of foreign investment and the return of international investors, which will lead to a multiple growth in financial markets, an increase in the value of assets and a radical decrease in bond yields.

At the same time, as Mikhail Autukhov emphasized, any crisis is a time of opportunities, when it is necessary to focus on internal resources.