, Shanghai, December 12 (Reporter Chen Jing) According to the "November 7 Used Car Online Transaction Data Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report") released by the China Used Car Trading Online Service Platform Tiantian Pai Che Research Institute on the 7th, the online transaction volume of new energy used cars in November 2023 increased by 11.2023% year-on-year. The proportion and growth rate of new energy second-hand car transactions have become the data highlights of second-hand car market transactions. It is reported that in November, the platform's new energy second-hand car turnover accounted for 11.47% of the second-hand car transaction.

The research institute pointed out that with the long-term and stable support of the development of the national new energy vehicle industry and the promotion of consumption policies, the development potential of new energy vehicles and new energy second-hand vehicles is huge. For a long time to come, new energy used cars will maintain a rapid growth momentum. The analysis shows that through the online trading platform of second-hand cars, more new energy vehicles can be efficiently matched and traded, which is of great significance to serve the consumption of new energy vehicles, revitalize the stock market, and provide diversified second-hand cars.

The "report" shows that in the fourth quarter, the source of second-hand cars has increased significantly, mainly due to the increase in demand for individual car owners to buy old and sell new. According to the analysis of the research institute, in the fourth quarter, many places have launched a new round of policies to promote consumption, which involves automobiles. Many car dealer groups have also launched promotional fee discounts to promote car consumption. According to the analysis, consumers will release a large number of vehicles into the second-hand car market under the "stimulus" of new car promotion benefits, and the supply of second-hand cars will greatly increase. The research institute believes that the supply of second-hand cars in the market has increased, and there is more room for second-hand car dealers to choose.

Which models are favored in the used car market? According to the "report", the most traded mini cars are Wuling Hongguang MINIEV, Smart fortwo and Ora Black Cat. The research institute said that these three are all new energy models, which have certain advantages in economy and driving experience. In the category of small cars, the number of ownership is large, and the classic car series Volkswagen Polo, Honda Fit, and Hyundai Rena have become the "basic models" of this segment of second-hand car types; Ford Focus, Volkswagen Lavida and Buick Yinglang are also among the "top three" in compact car trading volume due to their high cost performance and durability; The hottest mid-size car transactions are Volkswagen Magotan, BMW 3 Series and Toyota Camry; The best-selling models of medium and large cars are mainly BMW 5 Series, Audi A6L and Mercedes-Benz E-Class; The used cars with the most large car sales volume are BMW 7 Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Porsche Panamera; Among the SUV models, the Haval H6, Volkswagen Tiguan and Honda CR-V are the popular choices for second-hand car dealers. In the MPV segment, Buick GL8, Volkswagen Touran and Honda Odyssey occupy the top three in terms of used car volume. (ENDS)