China News Service, Beijing, December 12 (Yin Qianyun) The National Data Bureau of China announced on the 7th that the National Data Bureau, together with relevant departments, recently investigated and understood the development of platform enterprises, and found that platform enterprises continued to increase investment in supporting and leading development, creating jobs and international competition, and sorted out a number of typical investment cases.

According to the National Data Bureau, based on their own technological advantages, platform enterprises continue to increase investment in participating in the digital transformation of traditional industries, which has become a powerful driving force to promote the overall digital level of the industry.

During the investigation, it was found that Tencent invested in Tree Root Internet Co., Ltd. to support Tree Root Internet to build a distributed and multi-node root cloud platform service across the country, enabling industrial enterprises to intelligent production management, product and service innovation, and industrial chain collaboration, promoting the application of industrial Internet in multiple industrial chains such as foundry and textile, connecting more than 120.<> million high-value industrial equipment, and driving a large number of upstream and downstream enterprises to complete digital transformation.

While changing traditional industries through technological innovation and model innovation, platform enterprises have also given birth to a series of new industries and new formats, opened up new employment space, and played an increasingly prominent role as a "reservoir" and "stabilizer" in promoting entrepreneurship and driving employment.

During the survey, it was learned that's investment in Dada Group relies on the smart logistics system and crowdsourcing rider network to connect physical enterprises and online consumers, realize the effective collaboration of merchant resources, distribution networks and digital empowerment, and create more flexible jobs for the society, with more than 120.5 million riders and more than <>,<> pickers currently earning remuneration in Dada.

In addition, platform enterprises actively carry out forward-looking layout, invest in technological research and innovative applications, and enhance their international competitiveness and influence while enhancing their core competitiveness.

During the survey, it was learned that Alibaba continued to invest in Arcjet Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to support it in strengthening the R&D and technological innovation of cellular IoT baseband chips and non-cellular IoT chips, improving the ability of ultra-large-scale high-speed SoC chip customization and semiconductor IP licensing services, providing better product solutions and efficient technical support for the mobile communication, Internet of Things and smart terminal markets, and enhancing the global competitiveness of China's cellular communication products.

The National Data Bureau said that in the next step, it will continue to launch typical investment cases of platform enterprises with relevant departments to support platform enterprises to play a more active role in promoting the development of the digital economy. (ENDS)