, Chongqing, December 12 (Reporter Zhong Yi) The new journal "Materials Genome Engineering Advances" (MGE Advances) held in Chongqing on the 6th at the 6th High-level Forum on Materials Genome Engineering held in Chongqing at a high starting point.

The journal is the first high-level comprehensive academic journal in the field of international materials genetic engineering, sponsored by the University of Science and Technology Beijing, the Chinese Materials Research Society, and jointly published by Wiley. The establishment of the journal will further break down the barriers between materials science, data science, artificial intelligence and other related disciplines, create a high-level publishing platform with distinctive interdisciplinary characteristics for the rapid development of the field of materials genetic engineering, and effectively promote the formation of an interdisciplinary academic environment and innovative research culture in this field.

The reporter learned that material research and development is the basic core of advanced manufacturing industry and the forerunner of high technology. Through the joint efforts of researchers around the world, "materials genome engineering" has become one of the key and groundbreaking research fields in the field of materials science and engineering. In recent years, most of the related research papers have been scattered in traditional journals and a few computational materials science journals, and there is no high-level English journal covering the whole chain of "efficient computing-advanced experiment-big data" of materials genetic engineering. In this context, the new issue MGE Advances was born.

In order to promote a wide range of academic exchanges and promote forward-looking research in the field of materials genetic engineering, MGE Advances will comprehensively cover all related research fields of materials genetic engineering, including efficient materials computing, advanced experimental technologies for materials, data-driven materials science, and the application of materials genetic engineering technology in materials research and development. The types of articles include original research papers, review articles, opinion articles, editorials, interviews, etc.

The editor-in-chief of MGE Advances is Xie Jianxin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of University of Science and Technology Beijing, and the associate editors are Dong Hongbiao, professor of the University of Leicester, Federico Rosei, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Canada, and Isao Tanaka, professor of Kyoto University. (ENDS)