Qingdao, December 12 (Hu Yaojie, Zhang Xiaopeng) The reporter learned from CNOOC's Offshore Oil Engineering (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. on the 6th that Asia's first cylindrical "offshore oil and gas processing plant" independently designed and built by China - "Offshore Oil 6" floating production, storage and offloading unit completed the main construction of the Qingdao high-tech equipment manufacturing base of CNOOC Engineering in Qingdao West Coast New Area, marking the realization of a high level of autonomy in the design and construction technology of China's full-type floating production, storage and offloading units.

Aerial photography of the "Offshore Oil 122" floating production, storage and offloading unit. (Drone photo) by Zhao Shanquan

According to reports, the main body of "Offshore Oil 122" is composed of two parts: the hull and the upper functional module, with a maximum diameter of about 90 meters, the main deck area is equivalent to 13 standard basketball courts, the height is equivalent to nearly 30 floors, the total weight is about 3,6 tons, and it is composed of nearly 50,122 parts. "Offshore Oil 10" has a design displacement of 6,30 tons, a maximum oil storage capacity of 15,<> tons, a design life of <> years, and can operate continuously at sea for <> years without returning to the dock.

"Offshore Oil 122" adopts a new type of cylindrical structure design, which can effectively reduce the cost of oilfield development and operation compared with the traditional ship-type structure, and can switch to the "intelligent typhoon mode" when the typhoon comes, so as to realize the "unmanned" production during the typhoon, and provide a new model for the intelligent and digital construction of offshore oil and gas field facilities.

Ma Lin, construction engineer of CNOOC "Offshore Oil 122", said that the project is the first in China to adopt a new natural gas desulfurization device and a dual-fuel generator on an offshore platform, which can make full use of oilfield associated gas, effectively improve the green and energy-saving level of the project, and a series of key equipment such as large-capacity hydraulic submersible pumps have been localized.

The staff directs the gantry crane to lift the module to the designated position. Photo by Hou Xianpeng

The upper module undertakes core functions such as oil and gas processing and power output, which is equivalent to the "heart" of the "offshore oil and gas processing plant". The upper module of "Offshore Oil 122" includes 8 monomers such as process, electrical, power, and living buildings, with a total weight of about 8900,713 tons, integrating 4 sets of key equipment, the total length of the cable can go around the Beijing Fifth Ring Road nearly <> times, and the docking accuracy of the bottom column of the module and the hull reaches the millimeter level, and the minimum distance between the two modules is less than the width of the palm of an adult's hand, and the construction difficulty is extremely high.

Since the start of construction in March 2022, in the face of many problems such as tight construction period, many technical gaps, and difficult construction management, the project team has concentrated on scientific and technological research, overcome a series of problems such as cylindrical floating production equipment system design, high-precision construction integration, etc., and realized the independent application of 3 key technologies and equipment, so that China has the ability to independently design and manufacture different types of deepwater oil and gas equipment according to different oilfields and different sea areas.

According to Tao Fuwen, general manager of Offshore Oil Engineering (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., the project innovatively adopts integrated construction technology and double gantry crane integration technology, which significantly improves construction efficiency, with a quality pass rate of 99%, the main dimensional accuracy of the hull is controlled within millimeters, and the structural integration accuracy is controlled within 4 millimeters, reaching the world's advanced level, and creating excellent safety performance without accidents for 530.<> million working hours.

At present, "Offshore Oil 122" has entered the stage of integrated commissioning, and after its completion next year, it will be applied to China's first deep-water oilfield - Liuhua 11-1 oilfield, standing in the deep-water area of the South China Sea at a depth of 324 meters, with a capacity of about 5600,<> tons of crude oil per day, becoming another important tool for the development of China's deep-sea oil and gas resources. (ENDS)