Science and Technology Daily News (Reporter Han Rong) The reporter recently learned from China Railway Taiyuan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. that in November, the Daqin Railway, the energy channel of "West Coal to East", transported a total of 11.3766 million tons of coal, an increase of 3.8% month-on-month, of which the daily volume of 12 days exceeded 26.128 million tons, fully ensuring the demand for coal for power generation and heating this winter and next spring.

The Daqin Railway is responsible for nearly 1/5 of the total railway coal transportation in the country, and the annual coal transportation volume remains above 4 million tons. In order to increase the intensity of energy transportation and supply, on October 10, the Daqin Railway completed the autumn centralized maintenance 19 days ahead of schedule, fully released the winter coal transportation capacity, and the daily average coal transportation volume reached 4.125 million tons, always maintaining a high level of operation, and fully ensuring the coal demand of more than 5 railway direct power supply plants across the country.

In order to accurately grasp the coal consumption of power plants, China Railway Taiyuan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. has repeatedly contacted and visited the seven major power groups and direct power supply plants to ensure that the transportation capacity is fully met and the equipment should be fully loaded, focusing on ensuring that power plants with less than 20 days of coal storage can be consumed, and dynamic zeroing of power plants with less than 15 days of consumable days. At the same time, it will strengthen the docking with coal enterprises, coordinate the implementation of coal sources, coordinate the environmental pollution control of highway coal transportation, and improve the transportation capacity of "road to rail". According to the relevant person in charge of China Railway Taiyuan Bureau Group Co., Ltd., at present, the Daqin Railway runs about 90 pairs of heavy-duty trains every day, and continuously improves the proportion of 2,<>-ton heavy-duty trains to improve transportation efficiency and ensure that coal transportation "gives priority to approval, air allocation, loading, release, and unloading".

As the only power traction unit of the Daqin Railway, the Hudong Electric Power Locomotive Depot strictly delineates the base number of the machine shift, increases the number of assigned shifts, and accelerates the training of new drivers, and the number of main control drivers of the 2,600-ton train has increased from 650 to <>, providing sufficient machine capacity guarantee for the increase of coal transportation.