On December 12, bursts of laughter echoed on the campus of Xinglong Primary School in Dafang County, Bijie, Guizhou.

"Wow, what is this? It's so small, it can take us to physical education class? ”

"The dance mat is so fun! Let's PK! ”

"Look, look, it ticks me off!"

Keep Rural Physical Education Classroom

Students huddled in the classroom, discussing curiously around a tiny machine, excitement and joy written on their faces. This is a classroom that has been idle for many years, used to pile up sundries all year round, and finally ushered in its new mission on this day: Keep Rural Sports Classroom, two Keep Station somatosensory sports consoles + dance mat sets launched in March this year, and took on the task of physical education assistants. Along with the two sets of Keep Station, 3 Keep sports jump ropes were delivered to Xinglong Primary School, bringing richer and more interesting physical education content to children.

Xinglong Primary School Environmental Dream Playground

Xinglong Primary School is located in Xinglong Miao Township, Dafang County, Guizhou Province, 54 kilometers away from the county seat, with 585 students this semester, 77% of whom are Miao and 30 teachers. In June this year, Keep launched the "Playground Replacement Program" to encourage sports enthusiasts to send their idle yoga mats to their nearest Keepland store for public donation.

In order to celebrate the completion of the playground, the head of Keep went to the school and led the students to start a unique basketball game on the new playground. How to find a physical education teacher for the children at the newly completed "Dream Playground" became a question mark left by Keep when he left Xinglong Primary School.

KEEP "Dream Stadium" landed

As early as 2016, Keep, which has only been in business for one year, launched two public welfare IPs, "K of Hearts" and "Dream Stadium", and called on employees to contribute love in daily snack consumption through the "K of Hearts" project and unmanned shelves. Externally, through the "Dream Stadium" IP, it attracts sports enthusiasts to join the public welfare through sports, and has donated 1 dream sports fields to rural primary schools across the country so far.

Concerned about the lack of physical education teachers in Xinglong Primary School, Keep specially planned the public welfare project "Rural Sports Classroom" this time, and joined hands with the charity partner One Foundation to bring new possibilities to the physical education of rural primary schools with Keep Station, a smart device that empowers family sports. To prepare for the landing of rural sports classrooms, around Thanksgiving Day in November this year, Keep launched a series of activities for all employees, calling on employees to participate in the K love action, through running, cycling, and yoga to generate calorie consumption, in the way of "11KM/1Kal=1 yuan", and finally more than 1 employees participated, exchanged for 200,10446 yuan for public welfare funds, and purchased 600 Keep sports skipping ropes for children. The employees who participated in this activity said that "I want the children in the countryside to enjoy sports and harvest a happy childhood", "I have been checking in for sports every day recently, and I hope that the amount of donated mileage redemption will be a little higher, and a little higher!" You can try to buy more sports equipment for the children! "It's nice to be able to contribute something with my own actions."

Keep employees at the site of internal public welfare activities

The use of Keep's rural physical education classroom in Xinglong Primary School is just the beginning, and Keep's public welfare activities are still continuing. For a long time, Keep has been focusing on the "online + offline" model, and in addition to the donation of the Dream Stadium, it has also provided a large number of free youth sports courses online. Now, Keep Station's first rural PE classroom is a reality, and technology will unleash its power to help every child get access to science-based sports instruction and content. This is a joyful attempt, and this joy comes from the smiling faces of the children, and behind this is the love and hard work of Keepers (Keep users) and Kippies (Keep employees) because of common hobbies and values.

From a broad point of view, our era is not lacking in technology, nor lack of love, the development of technology must always uphold the concept of people-oriented, so that technology can be implemented in everyone's life; In the Internet era, enterprises also need to take the lead to gather and amplify everyone's love in a more flexible and effective way. As a sports technology company, while making the world move, it also makes sports more warm, so that every individual can feel the joy of sports, which may be Keep's understanding of sports.