The founder of Nvidia, a major American semiconductor manufacturer, met with Prime Minister Kishida at the Prime Minister's Office. He expressed his intention to supply the necessary semiconductors in collaboration with Japan companies that are developing data centers that are indispensable for the development of generative AI.

CEO Jensen Huang, who is also the founder of Nvidia, a major U.S. semiconductor manufacturer, visited the Prime Minister's Office on the afternoon of the 4th and met with Prime Minister Kishida.

Nvidia has strengths in the development of high-performance semiconductors that can perform many calculations at the same time, called GPUs, which are used in generative AI and other applications.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Kishida asked CEO Juan to provide a stable supply of GPUs to Japan.

In response, CEO Huang responded that he would like to provide as many GPUs as possible, and expressed his intention to collaborate with Japan companies that develop data centers that process large amounts of data and large-scale language models, which are essential for the development of generative AI.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, CEO Huang said, "Prime Minister Kishida told me that generative AI is creating many opportunities for change, and there are great opportunities for Japan's industry.