In Jordan, the Palestinian movement Hamas is gaining popularity

On the side of the Jordanian government, the decisions against Israel were mainly limited to the diplomatic field: the dismissal of the ambassador, the non-signing of the "water for energy" agreement. But on the streets, Hamas' notoriety is growing. The organization is seen as the only one capable of liberating Palestinians from Israel's strikes. A situation that recomposes the political balance of the Hashemite kingdom.

Protest in Amman, Jordan, in support of Palestinians in Gaza, December 1, 2023. REUTERS - ALAA AL SUKHNI

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With our correspondent in Jordan, Mohamed Errami

Before October 7, his popularity was rather circumcised by the Muslim Brotherhood party. Now, tribes, which have long been the backbone of the state, are lining up behind Hamas.

The raised index finger of the right hand has even become a symbol in Jordan, as it refers to Abu Obaida, the spokesman for the al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Palestinian movement.

Since October 7 and the beginning of the war, Hamas' popularity has risen sharply in Jordan, confirms Assem al-Omari, a political activist contacted by RFI.


Hamas, he said, has become for the street, the entire Jordanian street, by an overwhelming majority, I think more than 80 percent of Jordanians, the true representative of the aspirations of the Palestinians.


While in the 1990s Hamas was generally supported by the late King Hussein, in 1999 his son, King Abdullah II, decided to close their premises, after being pressured by the United States and Israel.

"Before 2000, Hamas had its presence here, received several times, it had contacts with the authorities, it had an official presence. Their office was in Amman, accepted by the Ministry of Interior," al-Omari recalled.

Last Thursday, al-Qassam Brigades spokesman Abu Obaida directly called on Jordanians to "intensify any form of resistance in the Hashemite kingdom."

The leader of one of the country's most influential tribes, Sheikh Muhammad Muslat al-Fayez, responded by saying that Hamas should be allowed to reopen its offices in Jordan and that it should have offices in all Arab countries.

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