On December 12, the first China International Supply Chain Promotion Expo came to an end in Beijing. According to statistics, during this year's Chain Expo, all parties concerned held a total of about 2 supporting docking and exchange activities, with more than 360,15000 people participating, and released 23 achievements such as research reports, declarations, and standards. According to incomplete statistics, more than 200 cooperation agreements and intent agreements were signed during this year's Chain Expo, involving an amount of more than 1500 billion yuan.

At the closing press conference of the Chain Expo held yesterday, Zhang Shaogang, vice president of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, said that the first Chain Expo caused a warm response in the American business community, especially large enterprises.

At this year's Chain Expo, 24 large American companies participated in the exhibition, showcasing cutting-edge technologies, future application scenarios and innovative services, conducting in-depth exchanges with upstream and downstream partners, and exploring more market opportunities and growth opportunities.

Zhang Shaogang, Vice President of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade: Relevant American exhibitors generally said that the Chain Expo is a major measure to promote the supply chain to become a "win-win chain", and they regard China as a key link in the global supply chain, and are willing to strengthen cooperation with Chinese enterprises and take root in China's long-term development.

During this year's Chain Expo, CCPIT China also co-hosted a roundtable dialogue on multinational corporations in China-global green supply chain innovation practices with the American Chamber of Commerce in China, and a number of Fortune 500 American companies actively participated in the conference to discuss the development of green supply chains. Zhang Shaogang said that the strengthening of practical cooperation between Chinese and US enterprises will surely inject more stability, certainty and positive energy into the development of China-US relations.

Exhibitors have gained a lot of registrations for the next Chain Expo

At the closing press conference of the Chain Expo held yesterday, Lin Shunjie, chairman of China Exhibition Group, the organizer of the Chain Expo, said that many exhibitors said that they had met a large number of potential partners and reached a large number of cooperation intentions at the first Chain Expo.

Lin Shunjie said that at this year's Chain Expo, 53 of the world's top 500 enterprises, 57 of China's top 500 enterprises, 25 of China's top 500 private enterprises and a large number of "specialized, special and new", "hidden champion" enterprises and "small and fine" small and medium-sized enterprises from various countries participated in the exhibition.

During the fair, one-third of the exhibitors met more than 10 supply chain partners. In addition, more than 100 delegations from departments and local governments visited the exhibition intensively, promoting policies and providing guidance, which benefited the majority of exhibitors. Many exhibitors are looking forward to strengthening further docking with potential partners to promote the implementation of cooperation intentions reached during the exhibition. It is understood that the relevant preparations for the second Chain Expo have been launched.

Lin Shunjie, the organizer of the Chain Expo and chairman of China Exhibition Group: Many exhibitors are already preparing to participate in the second Chain Expo next year, and they have proposed to expand the exhibition area. Many multinational companies that have not been able to participate in the exhibition this year are planning to participate in the second chain expo, and the relevant business associations of the United States, Britain, France, Canada, and Poland have said that they will organize a larger delegation to participate in the exhibition in China next year. (CCTV News Client)