, Beijing, December 12 (Reporter Li Jinlei Song Yusheng) Artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing... A series of digital technologies are changing our production and life, and the "smart brain" is empowering all walks of life to make life better and production more efficient.

In the digital technology chain exhibition area of the first Chain Expo, a large number of top international science and technology enterprises gathered to display the latest achievements of scientific and technological innovation and industrial integration and development with technological change, industrial incubation and application scenarios as the display logic.

The AI learning machine writes calligraphy on the spot. Photo by Chinanews reporter Li Jinlei

Artificial intelligence makes life better

As the most cutting-edge AI technology today, large models have been widely recognized by the industry as the foundation and driving force for future innovation and development. At the Expo site, the AI model showed how to make our work and learning more efficient and how to make our lives more convenient and intelligent.

iFLYTEK showcased the application of the Xinghuo model in education, office, automotive, industry, medical and other industries. Jiang Tao, co-founder and senior vice president of iFLYTEK, said that for example, the iFLYTEK AI learning machine can correct homework and math problems like a teacher, and if a child writes an essay, it can point out what needs to be improved and give specific suggestions.

Jiang Tao said that the medical model Xunfei Xiaoyi will talk to people like a doctor, and will give a lot of suggestions on health care, such as whether the two drugs can be taken together, what should be paid attention to when taking this medicine, and so on.

"The Chain Expo allows us to see the determination and confidence of the whole China to open up at a higher level", Jiang Tao said, artificial intelligence must serve all mankind, this chain Expo has come to so many Chinese and foreign enterprises, artificial intelligence will further empower thousands of industries in the future, and improve the labor productivity of thousands of industries.

SAP booth.

Smart brains make decision-making more scientific

With the strong support of Smart Brain, all walks of life have gradually realized their own digital transformation and intelligent upgrading, showing a new look.

At SAP's booth, the beef product supply chain analysis was demonstrated, demonstrating how to create a credible product traceability supply chain upstream and downstream with the help of SAP Business Network. Its member companies and consumers have access to complete product traceability from farm to fork, and support the exchange of product batch information and early warnings between the upstream and downstream of the value chain.

Yao Fa, Vice President and General Manager of Customer Consulting of SAP Greater China, said that AI is integrated into the entire business system, and the production and operation links of the enterprise's people, property, production, supply and marketing, make it AI.

"Through dialogue, our AI continuously drills down the business data of the operation, and automatically forms an analysis report to tell the manager where your problems are and how to improve, and can be sent to the relevant management with one click, which can greatly improve the operational efficiency of the entire production and operation process, as well as the accuracy and real-time of business decisions." Yao Fa said.

He pointed out that AI speaks through data, because the system accumulates data from all aspects of production and operation, and data will not deceive people. So it's like a very smart manager who understands your business in-depth and helps you run your business every moment.

Inspur Yunzhou booth.

Intelligence makes industrial production more efficient

In the industrial field, through automation and intelligent production processes, production efficiency has been greatly improved. Through real-time monitoring and data analysis, enterprises can better control production costs and quality.

Li Xiang, deputy general manager of Inspur Yunzhou Industrial Internet Hong Kong and Macao Center, said that with the development of the entire Internet technology, the traditional industrial infrastructure has undergone great changes. Now the new type of industrial infrastructure is around the data as the core of the infrastructure, to solve the problem of data collection, data transmission and data rights confirmation, the role of data is reflected in the network, intelligent.

Taking tea production as an example, Li Xiang pointed out that all the full-link data of tea from the tea tree to the hands of consumers are all connected. After model analysis, valuable data or applications are generated, and different permissions are opened according to the needs of all parties, which is more convenient for enterprises to manage and control production, which is used to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency; For consumers, they care more about quality, so open and provide these data or application links related to quality to consumers, so that consumers can buy and drink with confidence.

Digital technology chain, "make innovation more dynamic". It is not only a technological innovation, but also a change in production and lifestyle. Agriculture, medical care, education, industry and other fields have all been revitalized under its influence. At the Chain Expo, we see the power of collaboration and innovation. (ENDS)