Dongxing, December 12 (Mo Yujie, Wen Yisong, Luo Jie) At 2:12 on December 2, the first trial EMU train of Guangxi's new Fangchenggang-Dongxing Railway departed from Fangchenggang North Station and headed for Dongxing Station, marking that China's first high-speed railway directly connecting to the Sino-Vietnamese border port city has entered the trial operation stage, and the whole line has entered the "countdown".

The picture shows the first trial run EMU train of the Fangchenggang-Dongxing railway. Photo by Jiang Xinxin

On the eve of the opening of the high-speed rail line, the trial operation of the full map refers to the organization of train operation in accordance with the operating procedures and operating standards of the official operation, including simulating the handling of passengers getting on and off the train, opening and closing the door, as well as the station passenger personnel receiving and sending trains, station and car handover, answering calls and other specified operations, and comprehensively testing whether the comprehensive operation status of the new line meets the opening conditions. The trial operation of Mantu is the last stage of the joint commissioning and operation test of the new line, which is regarded as the last "dress rehearsal" before the railway is put into operation.

The picture shows the trial train arriving at Dongxing City Station. Photo by Jiang Xinxin

It is understood that during the trial operation of Fangdong Railway, it only takes 19 minutes to make a one-way trip between Fangchenggang North Station and Dongxing Station, and 12 EMU trains are arranged to run back and forth every day. After it is actually put into operation, the Nanning Bureau of China Railway will adjust the train operation plan according to the travel needs of passengers. According to the current progress of trial operation, it is expected that the Fangdong Railway will have the conditions for opening by the end of this year.

The Fangdong Railway leads from the south end of Fangchenggang North Station of the Qinfang Defense Line to the southwest to Dongxing Station, with a total length of 47 kilometers, a design speed of 200 kilometers per hour, and a reserved speed of 250 kilometers per hour for infrastructure. This is one of the high-quality construction projects of the new western land-sea corridor in China, and it is also the first railway to reach Dongxing City, the only port city connected by land and sea between China and Vietnam.

The picture shows the trial train running on the Xiwan cross-sea double-line bridge of the Fangdong Railway. Photo by Jiang Xinxin

After the opening of the Fangdong Railway, Fangchenggang to Dongxing will end the history of no railway traffic, the passage time between the two places will be shortened from about 60 minutes of the current road transport to about 20 minutes of railway transport, and the bullet train from Nanning, the capital of Zhuangxiang, will only take about 70 minutes to reach the port city of Dongxing City, which is conducive to promoting the construction of Dongxing National Key Development and Opening Pilot Zone, promoting border tourism and trade, and providing strong transportation support for Guangxi to build an international channel for ASEAN. (ENDS)