Yinchuan, December 12 (Reporter Yang Di) The reporter learned from the Ningxia Department of Transportation on December 2 that as of the end of November, Ningxia has completed the investment of 12.2 billion yuan in fixed assets of highway transportation, and completed the annual investment target of 11 billion yuan ahead of schedule.

Zhongwei down the river along the Yellow River Bridge. Photo courtesy of Ningxia Department of Transportation

It is reported that since the beginning of this year, Ningxia's transportation system has continued to expand incremental investment around expressways, ordinary national and provincial roads, and rural roads. Ningxia transportation system to accelerate the expressway project, Yinkun, Uma North, The three expressway projects in Haiping have completed an investment of 3.78 billion yuan, accelerated the construction of ordinary national and provincial highways, completed the investment of 6.17 billion yuan in ordinary national and provincial highway projects, and completed the reconstruction and expansion project of the Huinong-Huangqu bridge section of National Highway 1; promoted the rural highway project at full speed, implemented the three-year campaign to improve the quality of rural roads and serve rural revitalization, and completed the construction and maintenance of 109,4671 kilometers of rural roads, with an investment of 24.4 billion yuan.

At the same time, Ningxia's transportation system echelon promotion project reserves, dynamic adjustment and update of the project library, speed up the preparation of G1817 Wuyin Expressway Yinchuan South Ring Section and other three concession plans, closely docking with the Ministry of Transport 3 national high-speed local route adjustment project; Continue to optimize the arrangement of work nodes, improve the approval requirements for ordinary national and provincial highway projects such as the Zhongwei to Xiaxiaohe section of Provincial Highway 1 (National Highway 205) and the Liwang to Shidian section of Provincial Highway 629, and implement qualified projects as soon as possible. (ENDS)