Barthélémy Philippe, edited by Alexandre Dalifard / Photo credit: MAGALI COHEN / HANS LUCAS / HANS LUCAS VIA AFP 05:42, 02 December 2023

On Saturday and Sunday, three unions, including the CGT, are calling for a nationwide strike by food delivery workers. Since the beginning of the month, several organizations have been complaining about the drop in the income of delivery drivers, following the new remuneration system implemented by Uber Eats, the leader in the sector.

If you want to have a meal delivered to your home this weekend, it may be more complicated than expected. Three unions, including the CGT, are calling for a nationwide strike on Saturday and Sunday. Among their grievances is the new remuneration system put in place since November 1 by Uber Eats, the leader in the sector.

A loss of between 5 and 20% on average

The unions are denouncing a new method of remuneration that would significantly reduce their incomes. "On average, delivery drivers lose between 5 and 20% of their salary. Whether it's for a day, a month, or a weekend. This is totally unacceptable! Delivery is not a lottery, it's being able to have a logical remuneration according to the work you do," warns Fabian Tosolini, national delegate of Union Indépendants, in charge of platform workers.

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False, says Uber Eats. Contacted by Europe 1, the platform acknowledges occasional variations on certain deliveries, but it assures that the change of system has a neutral impact on the average level of fares for trips. Still, Uber Eats is playing the appeasement game. The platform is committed to correcting any negative impact of its new pricing by increasing the minimum hourly income guarantee for delivery drivers to €14 for the next 6 months, compared to just under €12 currently.