Taiyuan, December 12 (Reporter Yang Jieying, Zhang Yun) From 1 years ago, Jinzhong joined hands with Geely Group to take the lead in opening the domestic new energy vehicle industry track, to the methanol heavy truck produced in Jinzhong drove into the Hangzhou Asian Games, and the "fire" of methanol illuminated the road of "double carbon".

The picture shows a methanol vehicle produced in Jinzhong, Shanxi. Photo by Zhang Yun

"Methanol Automobile A World - Shanxi Jinzhong". For a long time, Shanxi Jinzhong has taken the development of methanol economy as an effective measure to implement the national "double carbon" strategy and promote transformation, build a new ecology of methanol economy with a whole chain of "vehicles, alcohol, transportation, stations and fishing", create a high-energy industrial map of 100 billion methanol economy, and lead the development of methanol economy.

Methanol is liquid sunlight and is known as clean coal, cheap oil, simple gas, mobile electricity, and liquid hydrogen. Since 2022, the methanol economy has been deeply integrated with the development of the world economy and has attracted increasing global attention. At the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, the main torch fuel used green methanol regenerated from waste carbon for the first time, achieving zero emissions in the cycle.

"The world looks at China, China looks at Shanxi, and Shanxi looks at Jinzhong". Jinzhong is one of the pilot cities in Shanxi and even the country that was earlier engaged in the application of methanol fuel and methanol vehicles, with unique resource advantages in the preparation of methanol, and has been deeply involved in the methanol economy for 40 years, forming a development advantage of many product categories, wide application range and good policy environment, and is the city with the most economic achievements and the largest industrialization efforts to promote the use of methanol in China.

The picture shows a methanol vehicle produced in Jinzhong, Shanxi. Photo by Zhang Yun

In recent years, Jinzhong City has cooperated with Geely Group to build a production base around the promotion of methanol vehicles, and built a flexible production line based on methanol and supplemented by "alcohol + electricity" and "alcohol + oil"; The new energy vehicle industry chain with Geely Jinzhong base as the "chain master" enterprise has been formed, driving 60 supporting affiliated enterprises in the province, and the output value has doubled continuously in the past three years, reaching 2022.233 billion yuan in 95, accounting for 2000% of the province's output, with the longest chain, the most complete qualifications and the largest output in the province's new energy automobile industry, and more than <>,<> methanol heavy trucks have been rolled off the assembly line.

In terms of alcohol source construction, Jinzhong City has abundant methanol preparation resources, and key projects such as the 25,10-ton coke oven gas production methanol project in Jiexiu Changsheng and the 35,36-ton biomass production green methanol project in Qixian County have been steadily promoted. In terms of the filling system, Jinzhong has built 12 methanol filling stations, plans to rebuild 81 methanol comprehensive filling stations, plans to build <> new ones, and is expected to have a total of <> methanol filling stations in the city during the year.

In terms of promoting methanol fuel, Jinzhong has more than 300 methanol taxis and online car-hailing, more than 2300,2 methanol commercial cooking users, 8,12 methanol clean heating users, and more than 2000,<> tons of methanol fuel are used annually. Nearly <>,<> methanol vehicles produced in Jinzhong have been running in Xinjiang, Gansu and other places, gradually forming a new trend of methanol vehicles in Jinzhong, Shanxi, and the whole country.

Under the background of the national "double carbon" strategy, Jinzhong's methanol economy, which has blossomed at multiple points and applied in multiple applications, has long been included in the ranks of "leaders". Shanxi Province has also put forward a major strategic deployment of "building new energy vehicle clusters and expanding application scenarios, and building Jinzhong into a national methanol economic demonstration zone". In May this year, the Shanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and other ten departments jointly issued the "Several Measures to Accelerate the Promotion and Application of Methanol Vehicles in the Province" to provide important support for the development of the methanol automobile industry. On August 5, the provincial state-owned enterprises entered Jinzhong to help the construction of the national methanol economic demonstration zone, and the methanol vehicles in the province began to move from a small batch trial to a large-scale demonstration application.

In Jinzhong, Shanxi Province, workers are working on a new energy vehicle production line. Photo by Zhang Yun

By building a new ecology of methanol economy in the whole chain of "vehicles, alcohol, transportation, stations and fishing", Jinzhong City has created a high-energy industrial map of 11155 billion methanol economy. Focusing on the "<>" development goal of methanol economy, we will actively expand demonstration application scenarios, focus on the layout of "one district, two parks and three systems", give full play to the advantages of Geely Jinzhong Base as the "chain master" of the automobile industry chain, and do a deep and solid job on the basic end of the industrial chain. From zero to <> billion, from <> billion to <> billion.

At present, the new energy automobile industry in Jinzhong City is making great progress all the way, accelerating on the track of building a new ecology of 100 billion methanol economy.

Chang Shuming, secretary of the Jinzhong Municipal Party Committee, said that Jinzhong resolutely shoulders the responsibility and mission of ensuring energy security, implementing the "double carbon" strategy, and promoting transformation and development, and makes full use of the resources and technical advantages of efficient conversion of coal to methanol to explore the way for the demonstration of methanol economy. Today, Jinzhong National Methanol Economic Demonstration Zone is leading the new track of transformation and development, and the future is promising. (ENDS)