Gaza: According to the "New York Times", Israel knew of Hamas' terror attack plan

Israel had known about Hamas' terror attack plan for more than a year. It was the revelation of the New York Times that had access to this detailed plan. According to the leading American daily, Israeli officials ignored the warnings.

Hamas fighters in Gaza (illustrative image). Majority World/Universal Images - Majority World

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With our correspondent in the United States, David Thomson

It's a 40-page document that fits — in every way — with the detailed plan for the October 7 terror attack: the same methodical invasion, the same paragliding fighters, the same rocket fire and the same grenades thrown by drones to overwhelm Israeli defenses. It was also about taking control of entire communities and rounding up as many hostages as possible.

One year before

Not only did the Israeli army obtain this document a year before the October 7 attack, but it was widely circulated among its leaders, to the point that its experts gave it a code name: "Jericho Wall." The New York Times was able to review these email exchanges. They show how underestimated the enemy has been.

Israeli analysts concluded that such an attack was beyond Hamas' military capabilities. Last July, however, an analyst tried to alert her superiors: Hamas had just carried out a day of intense training very similar to the "Jericho Wall" plan.

« Let's wait patiently »

But his superiors brushed off his concerns as an "imaginary scenario." "Let's wait patiently," a colonel replies. A cascade of mistakes that led to the worst Israeli intelligence failure since 1973, concludes the New York Times. A crash that bears a strong resemblance to that of American intelligence before 11/<>.

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