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Fuel prices at a petrol station in Lower Saxony: In November, a litre of Super E10 cost an average of 1.77 euros

Photo: Sina Schuldt / dpa

According to the ADAC, the year that is coming to an end will be the second most expensive refuelling year to date. The average price for a liter of Super E10 in the first eleven months of this year was just under 1.80 euros per liter, for diesel at 1.72 euros per liter, said the interest group of motorists in Munich.

The previous record year was 2022, in which energy prices exploded worldwide as a result of the Russian attack on Ukraine. "Even though fuel prices in 2023 will be significantly lower than last year, the gap to the prices of previous years still remains huge," the ADAC said.

ADAC: Refuelling in the evening is cheaper

In November, however, fuel prices fell month-on-month. A litre of Super E10 cost an average of 1.769 euros per month, which was 4.4 cents less than in October. According to the report, the diesel price averaged 1.760 euros, 5.9 cents below the previous month's price. And at the end of November, the fuel was even cheaper: Last Wednesday, Super E10 reached its monthly low of 1.75 euros and diesel at 1.735 euros.

The reason for the price decline was significantly lower crude oil prices. The price of a barrel of Brent fell from $86 to $80 in November. On top of that, the euro strengthened. In the meantime, oil prices have stabilized. Saudi Arabia is cutting its production until March, and some other OPEC countries also want to limit their production.

The ADAC advises drivers to refuel in the evening between 20 p.m. and 22 p.m. In the morning, a tank of fuel usually costs a few euros more.