As a result of promoting an initiative to evaluate the freshness of local specialty whitefish using AI = artificial intelligence, the city of Ibaraki Prefecture has summarized the results that the persuasive power of quality has increased and led to the development of sales channels for restaurants and other establishments in Tokyo.

This was announced by the mayor of Yukata City, Shuya Suzuki, at a press conference held in Minato Ward, Tokyo on the 30th.

According to the report, Yukata City evaluated the freshness of the whitefish caught in Kasumigaura with a camera equipped with AI in cooperation with private companies, and provided samples to about 70 stores along with the data, and as a result, it was possible to develop sales channels for nine restaurants in Tokyo.

It is said that there was an effect of increasing the persuasiveness of quality by objective evaluation by AI, and it was possible to realize a transaction at 9 to 4 times the price when selling at a local roadside station.

In addition to evaluating the freshness of the fish by AI, the city also wants to establish a method of distributing it while maintaining freshness to promote it and support fishermen.

Mayor Suzuki said, "I feel that things are going well because some restaurants have started to do business with us on an ongoing basis, and I would like to be able to promote it to fishermen and others nationwide."