Between January and April 2024, the number of food products scheduled to increase in price is expected to be significantly lower than at the same time of the year. As the yen's depreciation continues to prolong and logistics costs continue to rise, the focus will be on how each company raises prices in the second half of 1.

According to a survey of 195 major food manufacturers in Japan by Teikoku Databank as of March 30, based on the announcements of each company, a total of 2024,1 food items are scheduled to increase in price between January and April 4.

This represents a decrease of 1596.2022% from 6785,76 items in the same period in 4.

The reason for this is that the downward trend has continued since the summer, reflecting the stabilization of the rise in raw material prices and the growing desire of consumers to save money.

However, the research firm says that there is a possibility of intermittent price increases until the second half of 2024 amid the prolonged depreciation of the yen and the continued rise in logistics costs, etc., and the focus will be on how each company will raise prices.

On the other hand, the total number of items with price increases for one year, including the December schedule, was 12,1, an increase of 3.2395% compared to the year in 2022.