, Beijing, November 11 (Gong Hongyu) Clean energy is the key to achieving sustainable development. Global climate change is becoming increasingly severe, and it is more and more urgent to deepen international cooperation in the clean energy supply chain, which is the consensus of energy companies in recent years.

On November 11, the first China International Supply Chain Promotion Expo Clean Energy Forum was held in Beijing. A number of industry giants such as State Grid, Honeywell, and Maersk discussed deepening international cooperation in the clean energy supply chain, and shared their energy transition practices from China to the world.

The picture shows the scene of the forum

Partnering to deliver on our green commitments and decarbonize our supply chains

Building a green and secure global energy supply chain is inseparable from cooperation between countries.

Pan Jingdong, deputy general manager of the State Grid Corporation of China, said at the forum that promoting the green and low-carbon transformation of energy means an unusually large investment demand and strong support for the clean energy industry chain and supply chain, and it is necessary to deepen international cooperation in the clean energy supply chain, strengthen the cooperation of upstream and downstream enterprises, and jointly maintain the stability and smoothness of the industrial chain and supply chain.

Yu Feng, President of Honeywell China, said that enhancing supply chain resilience has become an important guarantee for economic recovery, and improving supply chain resilience and strengthening international cooperation and exchanges are indispensable foundations for the healthy and orderly development of the clean energy industry. As a U.S. company, Honeywell has applied advanced and mature technology solutions to the Chinese market, and hopes to work with more upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain to help related industries achieve low-carbon transformation, and jointly build, promote and share a new supply chain ecosystem that is resilient, agile and sustainable.

New energy boom China is adding vitality to green supply chains

Under the "dual carbon" goal proposed by the Chinese government, the rapid development of China's new energy has injected vigorous vitality into the construction of a global clean energy supply chain.

Jens Eskelund, chief representative of Maersk Group North Asia, said that in order to achieve Maersk's goal of net-zero carbon emissions across all operations by 2040, green methanol is Maersk's fuel choice in the short and medium term, so Maersk's demand for green methanol will be huge, and China has great potential to become the world's leading supplier of green methanol.

"First of all, China has abundant waste resources, as well as wind and solar resources that can be used to produce green methanol. Second, China has unrivalled engineering capabilities and the ability to scale up quickly and cost-effectively, allowing Maersk to harness the resources to produce methanol. Third, China can produce green methanol with 100% of the available resources, thereby reducing the need for energy imports, increasing energy independence and reducing carbon emissions, which is a real win-win. Hikoji explained.

"We believe that China will play a vital role in the clean energy supply chain, as it will not only become the world's largest exporter of green energy, but also an important partner in the green transformation of the shipping and logistics industry, able to provide technological solutions and produce green fuels." Yan Ci said.

Connecting upstream and downstream China is an important link in the clean energy supply chain

In addition to supplying green energy, more participating companies pointed out that China is an indispensable part of the production and application links of the green industry chain.

According to media reports, China is expected to become the world's largest exporter of automobiles in 2023. Yu Feng said that China is an important market for Honeywell, and most of the cars exported by China currently use environmentally friendly refrigerants provided by Honeywell, and some domestic cars also use this refrigerant. In addition, the Honeywell team is actively communicating with companies in China's chemical, power, cement, steel and other industries to accelerate the implementation and application of carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technology in China.

"No matter what technology, the key is to have application scenarios," Ji Zhijian, chairman of Dalian Bingshan Group Co., Ltd., mentioned that there are many application scenarios in China, which gives Dalian Bingshan room for practice and promotion. Taking the environmentally friendly refrigerant technology that does not have any damage to the ozone layer as an example, Dalian iceberg has been well used in scenarios such as the Beijing Winter Olympics.

In addition, China continues to provide technological wisdom for the world to develop clean energy and build a green supply chain. Chris Pereira, CEO of Meixun (Shenzhen) Information Technology Consulting, said that it is the company's urgent mission to bring China's advanced technology at the level of new energy overseas and lead the global trend. The world needs China, not only because it is a country with a large population, but also because China has the ability and technology to help the world achieve its goals. (ENDS)