, November 11 (China News Financial Reporter Wu Tao) "With the rise of large models, in the next ten years, digitalization and intelligence have become the most certain trends. On November 30, at the HUAWEI CLOUD Industry Summit 11 event, many experts and enterprise representatives said that cloud and AI have become indispensable productivity for enterprises, and the combination of the two will accelerate enterprise innovation, and enterprises and industries will have their own exclusive large models.

The scene of the event. Photo by Chinanews reporter Wu Tao

He Baohong, director of the Institute of Cloud Computing and Big Data of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, said at the scene that countries around the world have accelerated the strategic deployment of cloud computing, and by 2025, China's cloud computing market will exceed one trillion yuan.

"Generative AI application models will continue to lead industrial upgrading, and from a technical point of view, as the core of artificial intelligence engineering implementation, cloud computing will evolve in the direction of one cloud and multiple cores, computing cloud integration, and software and hardware collaboration. From the management perspective, enterprises are gradually entering the deep use of cloud, and the operation mechanism, optimization of governance and platform engineering will become the new focus of cloud use. He Baohong said.

Shi Jilin, President of HUAWEI CLOUD Global Marketing and Sales Service, said that AI will be the core driving force of digital transformation in the next decade. Based on this, at present, governments and enterprises are accelerating from "business cloud" to "deep cloud use".

According to Shi Jilin, the in-depth use of cloud is from helping enterprises apply cloud resources to helping enterprises apply technologies and services on the cloud; From helping enterprises build a new platform base to helping enterprises modernize their applications; From the use of general technologies on the cloud to the development of industrial solutions; From improving the operation and maintenance capabilities of enterprises to improving the operation capabilities of enterprises; From helping companies improve efficiency to building new and future-oriented core competencies.

Today, using cloud services, Shandong Energy Group has been using artificial intelligence to "go into the mine" on a large scale, and the company has developed more than 40 artificial intelligence application scenarios for the Pangu mine model built by HUAWEI CLOUD, covering multiple scenarios such as coal mining, tunneling, main transportation, auxiliary transportation, and lifting.

Shang Haifeng, President of Huawei Hybrid Cloud, said, "In the era of large models, HUAWEI CLOUD is committed to becoming the preferred partner for government and enterprise intelligent upgrades. Based on the rich cloud services provided by HUAWEI CLOUD Stack and the powerful capabilities of the Pangu large model, the construction, development, and operation of AI will be simplified, so that each enterprise can have its own own large model, and build the best cloud foundation for industry intelligence. (ENDS)