On November 11, at the site of the first China International Supply Chain Promotion Expo (referred to as the Chain Expo), a number of enterprises in the field of clean energy from Sichuan "showed" new technologies and new products in the clean energy chain exhibition area: Dongfang Electric Wind Power Co., Ltd. displayed Dongfang Electric's onshore and offshore wind turbines; Tongwei Group showcased its high-purity crystalline silicon, solar cells and modules, and photovoltaic power station systems based on "fishery and photovoltaic integration"; Sichuan Yalian Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on wind and photovoltaic hydrogen production technology......

Pu Lei, head of technical support in the northwest region of Tongwei Components

In this chain expo, our group brought G12R products, this product is mainly different from the conventional size of its cells, so we call it G12R. First of all, its version power is relatively high, and it has some advantages in transportation and other aspects. So overall, it can further reduce the system cost of some of our PV projects. For overseas markets, we have launched some small-sized products to meet (meet) some overseas products that require size.

Sichuan is China's largest clean energy base, an important national clean energy equipment R&D and manufacturing base, and ranks first in the country in terms of installed hydropower capacity, power generation and natural gas output, and has an important position in the clean energy development pattern in China and even the world. At the China (Sichuan) Clean Energy International Promotion Conference, a supporting event of the Chain Expo, a number of foreign guests expressed their willingness to cooperate and share opportunities with Sichuan in the field of clean energy.

Minister Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Beijing Temur Nadiroglu

We are working with the world's leading Chinese companies to help Azerbaijan establish zero-carbon industrial parks. We are also very interested in setting up a solar panel manufacturing plant in Azerbaijan and we are looking forward to cooperating with related companies in Sichuan.

John McKellen, Chairman of the UK-China Business Development Centre

Both China and the UK have made rapid progress in clean energy development in recent years, and I believe there are huge opportunities for cooperation between our two countries. China has a huge industrial scale and installed capacity, the UK has very much experience in exports, we can work well together, we have to do that because climate change is going to affect everyone. I believe that Sichuan and the UK will find opportunities to work together.

Energy Counsellor of the German Embassy in China, Forlina

Thanks to hydropower and the increasing use of wind and solar, Sichuan Province's electricity mix is more sustainable than anywhere else in China. Today, China has become the world's most important supplier of solar PV, wind turbines and electric vehicles. Sichuan Province is an important province for energy innovation and can also serve as a role model for China's energy transition.

Turkish Ambassador to China Ismail Moussa, who visited Chengdu, Sichuan Province in June this year, was impressed by the speed of development in Sichuan and China. He said that he is very much looking forward to carrying out clean energy cooperation with China.

Ambassador of Turkey to China Ismail Moussa

Turkey has already started the construction of two nuclear power plants, and we hope that the third nuclear power plant will cooperate with Chinese friends. Allow me to stress once again Turkey's readiness to cooperate with China in the construction of a third nuclear power plant. I firmly believe that the construction of a third nuclear power plant in our country in cooperation with a Chinese company will have a multiplier effect in other bilateral areas of our cooperation.

Chen Xuanbin, Shan Peng, and Jin Guanchi report from Beijing

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]