The first China International Supply Chain Promotion Expo opened in Beijing on the 28th. The theme of this year's Chain Expo is "Linking the World and Creating a Better Future", and the duration of the Expo is 5 days. As the world's first national-level exhibition with the theme of supply chain, the first Chain Expo will promote the connection of upstream, midstream and downstream, the integration of large and small enterprises, the collaboration of industry, academia, research and application, and the interaction between Chinese and foreign enterprises.

The first national-level exhibition on the theme of supply chain

As the world's first national-level exhibition with the theme of supply chain, a total of 515 Chinese and foreign enterprises and institutions participated in the first Chain Expo. International exhibitors accounted for 26%, of which American and European companies accounted for the most, accounting for 36% of the total number of international exhibitors. This year's Chain Expo will set up five chain and supply chain service exhibition areas, including smart car chain, green agriculture chain, clean energy chain, digital technology chain, and healthy life chain.

Zhang Shaogang, Vice President of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade: The first Chain Expo will vertically display the advanced technologies and products and future development trends of each link of the chain, and horizontally display services such as finance, logistics and platform enterprises. 53 Fortune 500 companies, 57 Fortune 500 companies in China and a large number of "specialized, special and new" and "hidden champion" enterprises participated in the exhibition to jointly tell the story of Sino-foreign supply chain cooperation.

It is understood that this year's Chain Expo not only invites Chinese and foreign enterprises to participate in the exhibition, but also opens to scientific research institutes and colleges and universities, and invites scientific researchers and teachers and students to visit.

A number of forums and supporting activities will be held during the Expo

At the Global Supply Chain Innovation and Development Forum held on the 28th, more than 6,<> Chinese and foreign guests, including representatives of government departments, business circles, international organizations, experts and scholars, conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on topics such as global supply chain cooperation. In addition, a series of supporting activities such as <> thematic forums, the Think Tank Forum for the Promotion of International Trade and the release of the Global Supply Chain Promotion Report will also be held during the Expo.

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