Yantai, November 11 (Qu Zhengyang, Wang Jiani) China's first offshore floating photovoltaic demonstration base was recently opened in Yantai High-tech Zone, Shandong.

The base is jointly established by CIMC Jiguang Marine Technology (Yantai) Co., Ltd. and the National Solar Photovoltaic Product Quality Inspection and Testing Center, which can overcome the cyclic load of wind, waves and currents and complex offshore working conditions of high salt spray, and can comprehensively demonstrate dozens of data such as water level, structural force, light intensity, power generation and other key factors such as power generation efficiency, corrosion resistance of new materials, wind and wave resistance of photovoltaic platform projects.

China's first semi-submersible offshore photovoltaic platform was opened in Yantai. Photo by Tang Ke

"The demonstration base is mainly to test various new offshore photovoltaic equipment, new technologies and new materials, including verifying whether offshore photovoltaic modules can operate efficiently and reliably for a long time in the marine environment, and testing offshore photovoltaic floating platform technology, which is equivalent to a 'testing ground' for the offshore photovoltaic industry." Sun Zhongtao, head of offshore photovoltaic of CIMC Jiguang Marine Technology (Yantai) Co., Ltd., said.

Up to now, 25 string photovoltaic products from the first batch of 46 enterprises in the offshore photovoltaic demonstration base have been installed in place, and the country's first 400 kW semi-submersible offshore floating photovoltaic platform project and the world's first bamboo-based composite offshore floating photovoltaic platform project "Jilin No. <>" have been connected, and the demonstration work will be carried out in depth.

It is reported that China's offshore photovoltaic projects have huge potential, and in recent years, Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian and other eastern coastal provinces have accelerated the deployment of offshore photovoltaic construction.

Industry insiders said that offshore photovoltaic is a vast blue ocean to be developed, and the industry urgently needs to master reliable and safe technical solutions, establish scientific and standardized standards and sustainable development models. The demonstration base will provide offshore on-site demonstration services for the development of the photovoltaic industry chain and promote the construction of China's offshore photovoltaic base. (ENDS)