, Beijing, November 11 (Shan Peng, Chen Xuanbin, Jin Guanchi) Turkish Ambassador to China Ismail Moussa said at the China (Sichuan) Clean Energy International Promotion Conference in Beijing on the 29th that he is very much looking forward to clean energy cooperation with China.

The first China International Supply Chain Promotion Expo (referred to as the Chain Expo) opened in Beijing on the 28th, as one of the important supporting activities of the Chain Expo, the China (Sichuan) Clean Energy International Promotion Conference was held in Beijing on the afternoon of the 28th. Ismail Moussa delivered a speech at the conference.

Ambassador of Turkey to China Ismail Moussa delivered a speech. (Photo courtesy of Sichuan Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade)

Ismail Moussa was impressed by the speed of development in Sichuan and in China. In June this year, Ismail Moussa came to Chengdu, Sichuan, "In addition to the beautiful scenery of Sichuan, I am also deeply impressed by the rapid development of Sichuan. In fact, this is the case in many parts of China, and I am very impressed. He said that the clean energy transition is an important issue in the world today and one of the most important challenges facing the world today. The clean energy transition cannot be done by one country alone, but requires the joint efforts of all countries in the world. The clean energy transition can only be achieved through more effective dialogue and collaboration between governments and businesses.

Ismail Moussa revealed that he is looking forward to working with China to build Turkey's third clean energy power station. Turkey currently has two clean energy power stations built, capable of providing about 10% of the country's energy needs. Turkey wants to build a third clean energy power plant as soon as possible and also wants to cooperate with its Chinese partners. He said that Chinese companies have a lot of professional experience in this area.

"The clean energy transition is one of Turkey's top priorities and a priority for Turkey's region and the world." "We need to build a more sustainable and greener future, and we are ready to cooperate more deeply with China in the future." (ENDS)