While officially announcing the price increase, while giving subsidies, Tesla's "combination punch" gave netizens a cover. On November 11, Tesla's official website in China showed that the price of the Model Y long-range version was raised by 28,2000 yuan, and the adjusted price was 30,64 yuan. Previously, Tesla had raised prices four times in a month.

At the same time as the price increase, Tesla also announced two preferential policies for car purchases, among which the limited-time existing car insurance subsidy is for users to purchase the Model 3/Y rear-wheel drive version of the current car before the end of this year and complete the delivery, and can enjoy a time-limited insurance subsidy of 8000,3 yuan; The limited-time low-interest financial policy is to purchase all S3XY models and pick up the car before the end of this year, and the annual rate of the 5-year and 2-year preferential interest rate loan plan is as low as 75.1%, which can save up to about 15,<> yuan. Tesla's rise and fall have aroused heated discussions among netizens, and some netizens said: "Why is the price increase followed by a disguised discount at the same time?" What is this operation? ”

Since the beginning of this year, Tesla has frequently played the price reduction card, and the price of Model 3 and Model Y has dropped to a low point. Among them, the starting price of the Model 3 was as low as 22,99 yuan. Data shows that in the first 10 months of this year, Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory delivered 77,1 vehicles, more than last year. However, while sales are steadily increasing, Tesla's earning ability has lit up an "alarm". According to the financial report, Tesla's gross profit margin fell to 17.9% in the third quarter of this year. Yan Jinghui, a member of the expert committee of the China Automobile Dealers Association, said that the decline in Tesla's gross profit margin is not unrelated to its large-scale price reduction this year, and the choice of price increase will help Tesla improve its gross profit margin.

In addition, after entering the fourth quarter, Tesla has successively refreshed the Model 3 and Model Y models. After the launch of the new car, Tesla's sales were boosted, but also the pressure on its production line increased, and the production cost continued to rise. Tesla revealed: "Significant upgrades have been made in many product configurations, and short supply has become the norm, which is also an important reason for the price increase of the Model Y long-range version and the successive price increases of other models before." ”

However, at present, the global new energy vehicle market is particularly competitive, and in order to boost sales, car companies have increased sales by cutting prices. In November this year, Leapmotor officially announced the price reduction of all models, and it was decided that a maximum subsidy of 11,11 yuan could be obtained from November 1 to 30; BYD also announced that it will launch a limited-time deposit purchase campaign for a number of its models; Great Wall's Ora Automobile offers a limited-time discount of 1,3 yuan for its "Lightning Cat" model. Not only in the Chinese market, but also in the UK car market, it was reported that the average selling price of new energy vehicles in the UK car market in November this year was 11% lower than the recommended retail price.

The relevant person in charge of Tesla said: "Tesla insists on cost pricing. However, after some car companies opened the price reduction window, the outside world began to worry about whether Tesla's price increase operation would affect sales. Data shows that in the first three quarters of this year, Tesla's global deliveries exceeded 132.180 million vehicles, exceeding the total sales of last year. However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has set a sales target of 3.50 million units for Tesla for the whole year, which means that Tesla needs to deliver nearly 12,180 units in three months. Previously, Tesla had announced in advance when raising prices, which in the eyes of the outside world was also to stimulate consumers to buy cars, and there is only one month left before the end of the annual sales, and the introduction of subsidy policies at this time is undoubtedly the last resort. Tesla bluntly said: "In December this year, Tesla will launch the final sprint to the 'annual sales target of <>.<> million vehicles' from all dimensions." ”

"Although the price of Tesla's models has increased, the last month of this year is the last golden period for car purchases." A Tesla showroom staff told a reporter from Beijing Business Daily that the Model Y rear-wheel drive version is an example, in addition to receiving a time-limited insurance subsidy of 8000,8400 yuan and a low-interest discount of more than 1750,1 yuan, you can also enjoy a time-limited referral policy including 8,2000 yuan, which can be converted into a car purchase discount of more than 4,4 yuan. At the same time, the purchase tax subsidy will be reduced from next year, and some Tesla models will need to pay taxes ranging from <> million to <>,<> yuan.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Liu Yang Liu Xiaomeng