[Live] On the eve of the end of the truce in Gaza, mediators are busy trying to extend it

The truce between Israel and Hamas enters its sixth day on Wednesday with an expected new exchange of Israeli hostages for Palestinian prisoners, as international mediators step up efforts to secure a lasting ceasefire.

In southern Gaza City, on November 28, 2023, the fifth day of the truce. AP - Adel Hana

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A fifth group of 28 hostages – ten Israelis and two Thais – were freed by Hamas on Tuesday evening, November 30. In exchange, Israel released <> Palestinian prisoners.

The truce in the Gaza Strip has been extended by two days until Thursday. Behind the scenes, mediators are working to extend the truce beyond that.

■ After the releases of 24 November (24 releases), 25 November (17 releases), 26 November (17 releases) and 27 November (11 releases) and 28 November (12 releases), 158 persons remain held by Hamas. For its part, Israel has released 180 Palestinian prisoners since 24 November.

■ The death toll from Israeli shelling of the Gaza Strip has been nearly 15,000since the war began on October 7, including 6,150 children, according to the Hamas Health Ministry, which rules the Palestinian enclave. Since then, more than 1,200 Israelis have been killed.

Timetable given in Universal Time (Paris+1),

06:30: Behind the scenes, mediators are working to extend the truce beyond Thursday


A glimmer of hope and humanity in the midst of the darkness of war According to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, the end of the truce, extended by 48 hours until Thursday 5 a.m. GMT, is on everyone's mind. A new exchange of Israeli hostages for Palestinian prisoners is expected on Wednesday, the sixth day of the truce between Israel and Hamas.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is expected to visit Israel and the West Bank again this week. "Our main goal at the moment, and our hope, is to reach a lasting truce that will lead to further negotiations and, ultimately, an end to the war," Qatari Foreign Minister Majed Al Ansari said. "However, we work with what we have. And what we have is that we can extend it by one day every time Hamas is able to guarantee the release of at least 10 hostages," he said.

The heads of US and Israeli intelligence services were in Doha on Tuesday to discuss with Qatar's prime minister the "next phase" of a potential deal between Hamas and Israel, according to a source briefed on the visit, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported.


We support the extension of this pause and future pauses, if necessary, to allow for increased aid and facilitate the release of all hostages," theG7 foreign ministers said in a joint statement.

► A look back at the day of November 28 by clicking here.

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