• Since 2018. Moncloa admits that the gap in per capita income with the EU has worsened and productivity has stagnated

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has claimed that "the Spanish stock market has risen by 10% in the last month" which is in the period in which it has closed its investiture agreements. He has provided this data as a sign that "Spain continues to generate confidence and certainty". For this reason, he has assured that the economic policy of the next legislature will be one of "continuity" and "consolidation of progress".

It is not usual for the leader of the PSOE to link the political situation to the rises in the stock market - which are usually produced by international trend codes - but he has done so.

He also boasted that Spain "is the sixth largest recipient of foreign investment" in the world and assured an audience made up of representatives of multinationals.

This is what Sánchez said at the event organised by the Forum of Multinationals on its tenth anniversary. This is the association that includes, among others, the subsidiaries in Spain of Amazon, Siemens, Accenture, Philip Morris, Carrefour, Huawei and Google.

For her part, the president of the Forum, Paloma Cabrera, recalled that the association was born in 2013 "when it was necessary to defend Spain's image abroad" and that the 4,700 subsidiaries of multinationals represent 27% of the country's business activity and 40% of exports. "Our commitment to this country is unbeatable," he said, but "from a position of political neutrality" he called for "a political environment of stability and legal certainty" because "they are essential". He gave as an example the need for "a State pact for education".

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