Linfen, November 11 (Ren Lina) On the 28th, under the guidance of the Network Communication Bureau of the Central Cyberspace Administration of China, China News Network and the Internet Information Office of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee sponsored the "Picturesque Rivers" online theme publicity activity (Shanxi) was launched in Linfen. The delegation walked into Yaodu Yunshang Industrial Park, visited Linfen City, the "first capital of China", to actively cultivate the digital economy and build a first-class digital park in China, and experienced the vigorous investment environment and industrial development of the park.

The interview group walked into Yaodu Yunshang Industrial Park. Photo by China News Service reporter Wu Junjie

Yaodu Cloud Business Industrial Park, located in the south of Linfen City, focuses on the development of information technology innovation and application industries represented by big data, cloud computing, electronic information, and the Internet of Things, builds a digital economy industrial cluster, and builds a new highland of digital economy "wisdom".

The "Picturesque" online theme publicity activity (Shanxi) interview group, composed of more than 20 media and units such as key news websites of the central government, media in Shanxi Province, and commercial website platforms, successively walked into Yaodu Cloud Business Industrial Park, Huahan Yunji Information Innovation Industry Center, Baidu Intelligent Cloud (Shanxi Linfen) Artificial Intelligence Basic Data Base, Alibaba Cloud (Linfen) Dual-Carbon Digital Industrial Park and other places, and experienced the fruitful achievements and development vitality of Linfen City's investment promotion, business environment, and digital economy industrial clusters at "zero distance".

It is understood that Linfen is committed to building a digital system for the whole industry, the whole industry and the whole field. Through the implementation of the industrial park, we will accelerate the improvement of the digital empowerment level of related industries, so as to drive the digitalization and industrialization of the industry.

The interview group felt the "charm" of Shanxi Linfen's digital economy. Photo by China News Service reporter Wu Junjie

The relevant person in charge of Yaodu Cloud Business Industrial Park said that the park takes "intelligence to help manufacturing" as the development direction, relies on informatization, intelligence and new wisdom empowerment, and takes Baidu, NetEase, ByteDance, 360 and other companies as the guide to build a space carrier combination model of "entrepreneurial nursery + incubator + accelerator + industrial park", with "space + incubation + fund + service + ecology" as the whole chain of innovation and entrepreneurship services, and "scientific and technological research and development + project incubation + pilot transformation + mass production + industrial cluster" as the incubation and cultivation path. Realize the seamless connection from the source of innovation to the transformation and application of achievements.

Up to now, there are 166 enterprises in Yaodu Yunshang Industrial Park, including 42 "four-up" enterprises, with an output value of 2022.28 billion yuan in the digital economy in 66, a total output value of 51.97 billion yuan, and a tax revenue of 1 million yuan, absorbing nearly 53,<> jobs. (ENDS)