Ji'an, November 11 (Xiao Zhenhua, Zhu Ying) In the early winter, the sun is warm. In the greenhouse of Lesheng Breeding Professional Cooperative in Yahu Village, Yongyang Town, Ji'an County, Jiangxi Province, 28 beige barrels are neatly arranged. Liu Yunhao, the person in charge of fish farming, is holding fish food and scattering it into a large bucket, countless fish are churning up from the water, the fish pond instantly "explodes the pot", and the fish in the pond are fluttering and competing for fish food, and in the blink of an eye, they are eaten by the fish.

The picture shows Liu Yunhao feeding the fish. Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of the Ji'an County Party Committee

Liu Yunhao, born in 2003, is a native of Yahu Village, and returned to his hometown to start a business after graduation. He told reporters that Yahu Village is located on the bank of the Heshui River, a tributary of the Ganjiang River, and there are wild perch and mandarin fish in the river, and the water quality and climate are very suitable for fish growth. Liu Yunhao set his sights on one of the few land-based captive fish bucket fish farming projects in the city, "land-based captive fish bucket fish farming, which not only saves land, but also can achieve high-density aquaculture, with a short cycle and can be listed in 6 months."

According to reports, the first phase of the local land-based captive fish bucket fish farming project invested more than 300 million yuan to build a fish farm, of which Liu Yunhao invested 140.90 million yuan, village cadres 25,40 yuan, village collectives 10,10 yuan, leading companies 2022,11 yuan, Xiangxian <>,<> yuan, and poverty alleviation people <>,<> yuan, and the first batch of perch fry was officially put into operation in November <>.

Hu Gui'an, secretary of the Yahu Village branch, explained to reporters, "We use the circulating water aquaculture equipment of Guangzhou Degang Aquatic Products Co., Ltd., and on this basis, we have independently designed a twin biochemical system. At present, there are 20 large barrels in the greenhouse, which mainly breed high-end freshwater fish such as sea bass, mandarin fish, and warped mouth. ”

The "home of the fish" was moved from the pond to the "giant bucket", what is the yield and quality of the fish?

Liu Yunhao introduced that captive barrel farming is different from traditional pond farming, and the water in the captive pond is constantly circulating and flowing, so the fish in the pond have been exercised more than the fish pond culture, which is equivalent to non-stop fitness, and the fish material eaten is also processed from fish, and the meat quality is better. Each barrel is 1.5 meters high and 6 meters in diameter, and the bottom is in the shape of a pot bottom, buried in the ground, and each barrel can reach the output of 3000,<> catties of fish after it is put into production.

The picture shows the land-based captive fish bucket fish farming project in Yahu Village, Ji'an County. Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of the Ji'an County Party Committee

Liu Yunhao's daily task is to observe the situation of the fish, feed the fish, and feed them once in the morning and once in the evening. The excrement of the fish in the captive pond is discharged through the sewage pipe, and then filtered and purified, and re-injected into the captive pond to form a closed-loop recycling system, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. "Due to the precise feeding, the breeding efficiency has been greatly improved, and the amount of fish produced in 20 barrels in our greenhouse can reach 6,16 catties." Liu Yunhao calculated the account, according to the wholesale price of 5.99 yuan per catty of perch, the output value of the first batch of perch reached <>,<> yuan.

In addition to buying books for self-study, Liu Yunhao discussed his experience on the Internet when he had time, and often went out to visit and study, and in 2022, he participated in the training of Guangzhou Degang Aquatic Biology Co., Ltd., and obtained a certificate of completion, becoming a "soil expert".

In the future, Liu Yunhao plans to expand the scale of the captive pond of the base, and then invest 20 "circle barrels" to develop the whole aquatic industry chain. (ENDS)