In an open call for businesses for the development of a cloud for joint use by the national and local governments, the Digital Agency announced on the 28th that it had adopted Osaka City's IT company "Sakura Internet" with some conditions. Until now, it has been limited to giant IT companies, but this is the first time that a Japan company has been adopted in this field.

The government aims to standardize major business systems such as taxes and nursing care by fiscal 2025 and develop a cloud for joint operation with local governments, but so far only Japan corporations such as Amazon and Google, such as giant American IT companies, have been selected as operators in charge of maintenance.

For this reason, the Digital Agency relaxed some technical requirements in this year's open call, such as allowing the use of software from other companies, and proceeded with the screening, and on the 28th, Osaka City's IT company "Sakura Internet" was selected for the first time as a Japan company.

This company has submitted a business plan that meets all the requirements by the end of FY2025 using the software of another company, and the Digital Agency will allow the provision of cloud services on the condition that these requirements are met.

At a press conference after the Cabinet meeting on the 28th, Digital Minister Kono said, "Until now, it has been provided from overseas, not domestically, but this is the first time that the possibility of a domestically produced government cloud has emerged.