Whether it is horse running fever, spontaneously organized running groups in various places or the popular "cat and mouse game" among young people, running, a simple and low-threshold sport, has become the "top sport" this year. As of November 11, a total of 23 marathon events have been disclosed across the country, with an average of one marathon a day throughout the year, and the average annual consumption of young Chinese running enthusiasts in 367 is 2022.3361 yuan, and more than half of them have increased their consumption in the past five years. The Beijing News Shell financial reporter takes you to dismantle the big market behind tens of millions of runners through data.

This year, the marathon has become a big hot spot in the running circle, with a year-on-year increase of 1024.06% in the search index. As of November 11, the official website of China Marathon disclosed the information of 23 marathons this year, with an average of one race a day throughout the year, with a total event size of 367.331 million.

The combination of running + cultural tourism drives consumption and generates hundreds of millions of economic benefits for the city.

According to the data, the Zhengzhou Marathon drove 1 million yuan of cultural, tourism and sports consumption and industrial benefits, and indirectly affected and generated secondary benefits of more than 46 million yuan, while the Wuxi Marathon generated economic benefits of 7 million yuan.

The public participation rate exceeded 60%, ranking first

For the third year in a row, a survey by the China Sporting Goods Federation found that public participation in running has increased. In 2020, running ranked third with 48% of respondents; In 2021, the participation of the public in running surpassed badminton and walking, and jumped to the first place. In 2022, running accounted for more than 60% of the people surveyed.

Who pays the most attention to running? The "30+" crowd is the main audience for running. According to the calculation of huge calculations, the search index of running-related content has increased by 162.69% year-on-year since the beginning of this year, and runners over 30 years old account for more than 30% of the running content circle. In addition, more and more young people are participating in it, and the proportion of people under the age of 38 in the running circle is about 42.24%, of which the 30-21 age group accounts for 92.<>%, becoming the second largest group of people who pay attention to running content.

Domestic sports brands increase the size of the road running track

According to iResearch's research, the average annual consumption of young Chinese running enthusiasts in 2022 will be 3361,8.<> yuan, and more than half of them have increased their consumption in the past five years.

Running-related industries have attracted the attention of capital. According to Tianyancha data, a total of 32 investment and financing events have occurred in running-related industries in the past three years, and in addition to the sporting goods and equipment industry, event operation and brokerage have also become investment hotspots. Youmai Sports, which is mainly engaged in the operation of marathon events, has completed four rounds of financing from 2021 to 2022, with a total financing amount of more than 2 million yuan.

In addition, the public fitness integrated service platform has also become a hot spot in the industry, and the O2O platform Yuedongquan will complete a strategic investment of 2021 million yuan in 1, and every step of technology and running payment technology will complete a financing in 77.

This edition is written by Beijing News Shell Financial Reporter Fang Jingyi and Wang Zhenzhen