, November 11 (China News Financial Reporter Wu Tao) Didi collapsed! From the evening of the 28th to the 27th, many netizens reported that Didi collapsed, and there were all kinds of failures, including abnormal APP networks, some could not settle accounts, some could not be clicked, and how much money was deducted... What's even more outrageous is that some users reported that "taking a taxi to Europe". Didi: What's wrong?

Didi responded: System failure, online car-hailing and other services have been restored

In response to the failure of the Didi Chuxing APP, on the evening of the 27th, Didi said, "I'm very sorry, due to system failure, the Didi App service was abnormal this evening, and it has been urgently repaired by technical students, and it is currently being restored one after another." ”

Early in the morning of the 28th, Didi issued another document saying that on the evening of November 11, the App service was abnormal due to a system failure, which affected the travel of some users and the orders of drivers and masters.

Screenshot of Didi Chuxing's Weibo.

"After the technical team repaired overnight, Didi's ride-hailing services have been restored, and users can download the Didi App to use the ride-hailing service. Cycling and other services are still being restored, and all unlockable or unlocked Qingju vehicles can be ridden for free, hoping to do a little more to alleviate the pressure of the morning rush hour. Didi said.

Didi also said that due to system failures, such as abnormal payment of fees and overdeductions, please don't worry, wait patiently, and will settle and compensate for the accident after the accident; Individual drivers and masters report that they cannot start the trip and billing after receiving the passengers, so please pick up and drop off the passengers normally and deliver them to the destination safely, and the platform will calculate and reissue the fare according to the itinerary in the future.

Users reflected: the fault has not been recovered, and the full attendance is gone

However, on the morning of the 28th, many users said that Didi had not recovered at all, and there were various problems.

Users in many areas reported that Didi had not recovered. Screenshot of Weibo

"Seven kilometers away, deduct me two hundred and seven, return the money to me." "The network is abnormal, and I have been letting me log in again." "The hitchhiker I booked last night had something to change the route temporarily, and I couldn't cancel it, and the driver scolded me miserably." "The green orange keeps going round and round."

Netizens reported that more than 7 yuan was deducted for the 200-kilometer journey. Screenshot of Weibo

There was also a problem on the driver side of Didi Chuxing, "I can't start the trip, and I still can't start the trip when I reach the destination." "The passengers have arrived, and I can't pick up the passengers." "It's delivered, it doesn't show that it has arrived."

Screenshot of Weibo.

"The system collapsed early in the morning, and I took a taxi directly to Europe." There are also users who are worried that the full attendance is gone this month. What about you? Did you get a taxi? (ENDS)