With regard to support through new government bonds to support private investment toward the realization of a decarbonized society, the government will require eligible companies to participate in emissions trading, in which the amount of reduced carbon dioxide emissions is bought and sold.

In addition to Prime Minister Kishida, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Nishimura and Keidanren Chairman Tokura attended the "GX = Green Transformation Implementation Meeting" held at the Prime Minister's Office on the 28th.

In this meeting, Minister Nishimura reported on the policy of support for companies, which was compiled through discussions with experts, regarding the GX Economic Transition Bonds, a new government bond to be issued with a total value of 20 trillion yen, in order to boost private investment.

Specifically, the government will support businesses that can contribute to economic growth and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, but are difficult to realize on their own, and will prioritize and support sectors with high emissions, such as energy and steel.

In addition, as a precondition for support, we will ask for participation in "emissions trading," which buys and sells reductions in carbon dioxide emissions, which began this fiscal year on a voluntary basis.

In addition, it was reported at the meeting that by the end of the year, investment strategies for the next 10 years will be compiled by each sector, such as hydrogen, nuclear power, and steel, and projects to be included in the initial budget proposal for the next fiscal year will be decided.